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ovulatiing confusion!

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HI Ladies,


My periods are always off so I decided to check when I am ovulating two different ways this month. My first way of testing is the urine way. I have the strip to test and I got a strong positive on Wednesday (July 11) . When I checked this morning with the urine test, it shows that I am no longer ovulating.


My second way of checking when I ovulate is by a computer device called Ovacue. This did not tell me I was ovulating at all until this morning and it told me my best day to concieve is Tuesday. There is two ways I can find out when I am ovulating with this small electronic. The first way is by oral reading (so I put my tongue on the sensor part and it takes a reading... I must take this reading in the morning) and the second way is a vaginal reading and can only be done in the afternoon.


So here is my question, has anyone had two different readings telling you you are ovulating different times in one month? I am still going to continue having sex with my husband...but i am really curious which one is the correcting one.

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I have never heard of the ovacue, but bbt may be a better way to go next month if you dont get your bfp this month. I have had months where my body tried to ovulate and had a positive ovulation test, but didnt ovulate until later. Good luck.
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Those two things you are using read hormones that signal you WILL ovulate, not that you DID ovulate. The only way to confirm you DID indeed ovulate is to chart your basal body temperature. I use OPK's and chart. My OPK's were positive starting the 12th in the afternoon, they were positive until yesterday early evening. This morning my temperature is up, if it continues for 3 days, I know i've ovulated. It is the only way to tell for certain when you have ovulated. Check out fertilityfriend.com



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