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My 20 month old baby has lots of food allergies

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Hi there, 


As a new member this is a very helpful forum. I have a question. My little one is allergic to dairy, wheat, eggs and nuts. This is based on a allergy test blood work and also skin test and i have tested this my self when i have tried to give him foods that contain any of the above. His normally only breaks up on his face i haven't seen anywhere else on his body but his face gets pretty bad. What do you do and from your experiences will these allergies ever go away? 



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Do you have epi pens for your little one?


It sounds as though you are doing everything right.  Testing alone isn't enough.  Having seen reactions to the foods along with the testing is the only 100% way to know for sure about an allergy.


Avoidance is the only things that is 100% effective. Having epi pens is also important.  If you are nursing, you need to follow the same diet. There are a ton of blogs and recipes out there to give you cooking help!



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Yes i do have the epi pen but i am avoiding as much as i can, and just hope those allergies go away on their own. I still breastfeed him but i don't completely follow the same diet as him as i tend to eat somethings that he doesn't sometimes. 

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If you are eating things he cannot, you are keeping him exposed, through the breastmilk.
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We're going through a similar process with my 26 month old. 


Be careful about the warning that if you haven't seen a reaction, he's not allergic.  While this is true, it doesn't mean that food is 100% safe.  Your doctor might have explained the difference between food allergies and food sensitivities.


Have you seen a naturopath?  Ours is combining tests with what we have observed, and for the next 3 months he and I both (because I'm breastfeeding) are having to avoid a very long list of foods.  Not just the ones that scored high enough to be called an allergy, but also ones that are on the high end of normal. 


The idea is that his entire system is on high alert, so we need to calm it down a lot.  To do this, we have to avoid not only the few things that are allergies, but also the many things to which he's very slightly sensitive.


In a few months we can probably add some back, and in a few years almost all of the rest should come back.  His reaction to soy is so high he'll probably always be somewhat sensitive, but shouldn't have life threatening reactions to it. 


It's especially important that you have guidance on what to avoid in your diet.  I was told it's OK to have very small amounts of a few of the things to which he's not allergic, but just mildly sensitive -- but absolutely not to the things he's allergic to. 

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