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baby acne / rash on face

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My baby is almost 6 weeks old and her face is still rashy. It went from acne to a thicker red rash. Anyone else have a baby with a face rash or acne this long?
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All my LO's have had baby acne off and on for the first few months. Our whole family uses witch hazel for everything from bug bites,sunburn and acne.We aren't the only ones http://www.wisebread.com/15-wonderful-uses-for-witch-hazel. I get a cotton ball wet with water and put a tiny drop of witch hazel on it, if baby has pimples that look ready to burst. Best to leave them be, I think though.

In a decade you will be telling them  they are still lovely no matter what their skin looks like , and they are. 

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My guy is 2.5 weeks now and constantly napping on my chest and nursing ~ I wipe his cheeks and nose off with a warm wet washcloth a couple of times a day to keep the oils from the skin to skin contact off, as well as all the breastmilk drools. It seems to help!

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My little girl has had two things going on-- some infant acne plus heat rash.  Diagnosed by a physician I took her to, because I wanted to be sure it wasn't anything serious.  The rash was all over the top part of her chest and back, and on her face and even up into her hair-- the doc said that some babies are more susceptible to getting heat rash than others (DS was born in the summer, too, but he never had it once).  It has been pretty hot here, though, and we had been doing a lot of skin-to-skin, so... The acne isn't too bad, it was just on her cheeks.  But it was quite a bit going on there for a couple days... Now, it's almost completely resolved, but it's been over two weeks.  If it takes longer to completely clear up, oh well.. I'm just glad that it wasn't anything else (my son actually had roseloa the week before she came down with all of this, so I thought it was that...).  I haven't done anything for it topically, but we are trying to keep her from getting the least bit hot, so the heat rash doesn't get bad again.  It's not stopping me from doing the skin-to-skin... I LOVE snuggling with her SO much!

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OP- are you sure it isn't yeast?  If it is just dump probiotics on the tongue at every feeding and it should clear up in a couple of weeks.

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My son is almost 6 weeks and still has baby acne.  It went away for a few days last week, but now it's back.  

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My DD has heat rash too-on the top of her back, a bit on her neck and chest and under one arm- kind of the sweaty spots, sine she is on me so much.  I am trying a light t-shirt to prevent some stickiness.  I will let you know if it works.  She also has a few slightly infected hang nails or something on her tiny fingers- not sure how to treat them.

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Yes, DS has baby acne, too--mostly on the fact and upper chest: the areas that contact with my skin and spit-up and breastmilk. I think I'll start wiping him off like redbird, a little more frequently than I am now. Also, about the witchhazel--is the drugstore version OK for babie's face? I'm also wondering about Calendula Hydrosal...from MRH...we use it for lots of things!

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my baby gets heat rash easy. if any of his skin touches mine and then sweats, he has a little rash there. he he even has some right inside his ear! i am not surprised, his dad gets it real easy too in the sunmer. i tried all kinds of things. i tried coconut oil, baths with epsom salt, plain corn starch on it, and the one thing that actually worked for him. i had a 5 yr old bottle of johnson and johnson corn starch baby powder with aloe and vit e. i didnt want to use it bc of the added fragrance but after using it just twice the heat rash went away. when i wear him i make sure to put a folded receiving blanket between me and him so our skin doesnt touch. it works even better if i give him a bath before bed and let him soak for a little and then dry him and powder him all over. i only change his diaper once in the night. sometimes not even that if he didnt poop. and the rash still goes away. 


this is heat rash though. and i didnt put any powder near his face or in his ear. 

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Well, here it is a week later and my baby is still rashy. greensad.gif iowaorganic, how would I know if it was yeast?

I don't think it is heat rash because she has it even if she is cold. Plus it is only on her cheeks with a little on her scalp. No where else on her body.
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On the face only sounds like baby acne, but you say it looks different?  I have heard it can last awhile.  

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My DD didn't get baby acne at all for the first four weeks, but in the last week or so, her face/scalp/neck/chest have been horribly broken out. It looks really angry when we are in the heat for even a couple of minutes. I've been thinking it's a combination of heat rash & baby acne. I'm putting breastmilk on the bumps on her face a couple times a day and letting it air dry. I read somewhere that that helps.
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My baby is 3 weeks and also has the baby acne. But Jen, yours doesn't sound like regular acne. Does your baby still have the rash? Could it be cradle cap? Maybe just general dermatitis... Baby skin can be so sensitive. Can you describe the rash more? Is it bumpy, scaly, flakey, etc?
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