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Nursing with meds...advice please!

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So some of you may remember that I've been struggling with a massive headache lately, as in, I'm on day 29 with no relief. I truly feel its muscle related, so I've been adjusted more often, and had 2 massages in the past week, all providing some relief, but not enough. I plan to continue addressing the problem physically but at this point I need a break. Just a few hours where I'm not thinking about my head...

So here's the question. I have been giver flexeril ...a muscle relaxer, but not prescribed for this problem. I took half of one today with some relief, but for nursing it's considered "questionable" so would u pump and dump or just go with it. I really don't plan to take it again, I'm hoping this dose will get me through, but it will be in my system for a while... What would u do???
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Oh man, that is terrible. I've had headaches this week and taken a few advils and wondered, but I've never had to take any heavy medication.  Knowing me, I would probably continue nursing, but I've really never had to worry about it. Good luck deciding, and I hope you find some relief soon.

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There's nothing in Hale's that suggests a concern, but there's not much there. It doesn't look like it's been studied very well. I'd nurse as normal for now, since there's no known pediatric concerns, and call the Infant Risk Center on Monday.

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Thanks ladies.i ended up pumping and dumping once, when the medication had me so loopy I had to take the kids to my mom. I thought that even a small bit of that chemical for him would be too much. Aftere that I took a nap and felt much better afterward. Yay sleep. I actually didn't need any meds today which was wonderful, and probably the first day in 2 weeks I didn't take anything so I'm hoping that I'm turning a corner on this one. I just can't help but wonder if this could be from the Mirena. I mean, really, who has a 30 day headache?!?! Any thoughts??
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