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People thinking dad can't handle baby?

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So the other day we were driving to visit a friend about an hour away and my DD (2 1/2 years old) had to pee so we stopped at a store and I took her in. We ended up taking a while because there was a lineup, and DH was in the car with our 3 week old DS. He got really fussy, so DH took him out and was trying to comfort him, but is usually unable to as he seems to only want me now (most likely because I supply the food lol).

This lady walked up to DH and was all like where is his mother? Does he always cry like this? What is his problem? Can you handle him? DH didn't really know what to say and got in the car with our DS, the woman stood next to the car and watched him until I got back with DD!

Why do people assume that guys can't handle babies? DH was really mad, he felt like the lady was accusing him of kidnapping or something....he's an awesome, active dad, why is that so weird for people? It reminds me of when I told my grandmother one night that DH was giving Dd a bath, and she was like really? Does he know how to bath her? Ummm it's not rocket science!!

Anyone else have an experience like this? How did your DH's handle it?
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My DH probably would have done the same thing. If she kept standing there, he might roll down the window and say, "you know, I've done this once or twice before. Im not in need of your services."
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Oh, how annoying! Some people just feel the need to comment and judge everything, sadly. If it makes him feel any better, little old ladies in particular say that kind of stuff to everybody, moms too! Tell him just to tell such people to bug off, or go away, or leave us alone. Just once, then act like they don't exist.

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That lady was off her nut!


My husband has had that, people asking where I am when he has the baby out on his own. Mostly just expressing surprise that I 'let' him take her. He brought her to his work when she was a day old to show her off. It's a 5 minute drive away, he had her back in my arms within an hour, but people were shocked by that! 

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My DH has only taken our baby out once in nine months and I always have him when we are all out together...so no experience. BUT I have had a lady shout clear across the Target parking lot to put some socks on my baby. It was spring. 60's. It's about them, not you. :)

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