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I used to be a member of a forum site that had to do with when shit hits the fan.  I was wondering if anyone has any links when I left my ex husband he kept the computer and all the favorites are on there so I dont have the link anymore.





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My husband is very into prepping for WSHTF situations. He also is military, so he is more prone to that stuff naturally I guess haha. Anyways, Zombie Squad has some amazing forums and that's where we learn so much!

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There's a pretty active Survival/Emergency Prep forum on HomesteadingToday.com.  I don't post there much, as the folks there are a bit less friendly than those here, but it's usually a good read!

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There are sites off of this one for each state.  My state has a an active network.  They'll have forums and if you get on the state site you can find meet and greets for your region!

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you could also check timebomb2000.com and thetreeofliberty.com.

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