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9 mo with pitted front teeth - need advice!

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Hoping to get some information here as I'm very concerned about my nine month
olds teeth. We had been noticing that the top two front teeth were looking a
bit discolored but on closer inspection we just found that they actually have
deep pits in the front of both teeth. His four other teeth on the bottom look
okay at this point.

I've made an appt with a pediatric dentist for next week and am wondering what
to expect as I'd like to go as prepared as possible. What should I expect? And
from anyone who's had a similar experience, what is the dentist likely to
suggest? I'm pretty hesitant to allow flouride or xrays at such a young age so
wondering if those will be offered. Wondering if he'll suggest sealants or
fillings as it seems likely that this needs to be treated - the teeth are
obviously compromised and will decay rapidly from here on. But how do you do
dental work on a little baby?

My research so far is inconclusive as to why this happens, perhaps an illness
early in the pregnancy or fever in the baby when teeth were forming? DS is
breastfed and eats solids well, still night feeds also. I've tandem nursed him
and my almost 3 yo DS and my husband feels that perhaps he's been missing out on
some nutrients because of the tandem feeding. This seems unlikely to me (I make
plenty of milk) but I'm worried about that too.

Any insights appreciated.


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I don't have any experience with this, but I hope someone can come and share with you.

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I'm fairly sure i read somewhere (kellymom maybe..?) that when you tandem feed your breasts make milk best suited to your youngest child.  SO if anything it would be the toddler that "suffered" (though i don't believe either of them are/did!) through tandem nursing, not the baby.


I would see the dentist and see what they say.  If they say it's the night feeding then get a new dentist.  I recently told my dentist who was complimenting my 2yo on her perfect teeth "she still nurses at night" (though she's recently night-weaned actually) and he was stunned and then said he thinks it's vilified by some dentists because the mamas of kids with perfect teeth don't think to mention it, whereas the mamas of kids with decayed teeth are of course desperate to figure out why and find a solution and turn over every stone.


I feel bad for you, i know a bunch of people whose kids have decay but all of them can blame the diet and poor dental care, so i don't know anyone in your situation.  

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Thanks mamas.  I feel that both my kids are exceptionally healthy so this is really a mystery to me.  I don't feel like tandem nursing has been anything but good for both of them so I really don't feel that is the issue, but my husband still feels I should wean our toddler to give the baby the benefit of the doubt.  We see the dentist on Thursday so we'll see where to go from here.  Now I'm just researching options for teeth care and am finding all sorts of things that I need more info on - remineralization, supplements, diet, ozone, etc.  Input appreciated from those who've already done their homework on these!

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