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Any Fort Riley, KS mommas here?

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Hi ladies!  My husband will be getting stationed at Ft. Riley very soon, and I am sad to leave all my crunchy momma friends here in Orlando, so I'm hoping there is a group somewhere near Ft. Riley.  My son is 21 months old and loves to go on play dates.  I need crunchy friends or I will go crazy!! lol  Also, while I'm at it.. if any of you are Army wives, what ped do you use that is intact/vax free friendly that takes Tricare??? How are the homebirthing options for tricare in that area? Good chiropractor? etc, etc...

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Welcome to Mothering! Just bumping your post up to see if there's someone in your area who may have some recommendations :)

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Welp.. orders got changed to Ft. Lewis, so looks like I will be needing to find a group there now lol

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