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4 month nap regression or teething?

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DD used to be such a great napper - dream feeding at 6am and 8am, then out till 12pm or 1pm plus a solid 2-3 hour afternoon nap and some cat naps (20 min to an hour is a cat nap to me) in the evening. Now she's having such a hard time falling asleep even though she's exhausted, she's not napping until evening, besides for cat naps. She's working on her third tooth, a top one, and it keeps receding then poking back through; would that be causing her lack of napping? I got the Hyland's teething tablets and they help some. I use a tiny bit of orajel occasionally if she hasn't napped all day and is acting like her teeth are bothering her a lot. Tylenol if she's screaming. I've done the teething toy from the freezer and frozen mango in a mesh feeder but I don't think she likes the cold that much.


Its more like she can't settle down even though she's rubbing her eyes. Its almost like she's hyperactive and has too much energy, she's so wiggley!

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Totally my babe too! He went from being able to put himself to sleep and a pretty good 3, 2 hr nap schedule and now it's HORRIBLE. I spend longer to put him to sleep than he stays asleep! DS1 was an awful sleeper until ~18 months so I was in Heaven the first 3 months of e's life. DS1 used to wake at his 1st sleep cycle and, following Pantley's suggestions, I would go in the room before he woke (his cycle was always 30 min. so i timed it) and would pat him and he'd be able to sleep through it usually. DS2 won't! He totally is tired, wants to get up and play. Plus, I can barely get him to sleep, even when he's sooooo tired. Even if he's in the wrap or mai tei he will wake up after sleeping only 15 or so min.

I definitely think a lot of it is teething. Also they're at the age they're learning to move more and are just excited to practice their stuff! Hyland's work OK, as do amber teething necklaces,you can freeze breast milk in freezer trays, chamomile, and clove oil is a big one. You could also freeze some chamomile infusion or tea or dip a washcloth in it since you don't think she likes cold, i keep meaning to for ds. That might help the restlessness too.

Hang in there, this really sucks, I know, but your not alone. Actually I've been super sad about it lately, it's so frustrating!

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We find that the more wound up M gets, the more there is to unwind. I watch for cues, which are changing and sometimes confusing. (between teething, full bladder, sleepiness, burp me) But if she doesn't fall asleep, I give up and give in to the next best thing,- stroller ride with cold wet washcloth to cool her. At least she rests, relaxes. Babies are sweet reminders that it's good to be outside, dishes are so dull. Thanks M.

When teething, sometimes fruit can burn the soft sore gums. Breastmilk pops instead?
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