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Hairy Daughters

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Hi everyone,


I have two daughters, 4 and nearly 7 years.  Both beautiful and both were non hairy at birth.  When they turned 4 they suddenly started growing a lot of hair on their arms and their legs.   The nearly 7 year old has a touch on her upper lip and a few randoms growing on her nose tip.  Not really noticeable yet to anyone but me but its getting thicker as she ages.  Its blonde at this stage.  My 4 year old also has a bit of dark hair starting to grow on her upper back and more obviously so down her spine.  Wouldnt be a problem if the body hair was light but unfortunately we are white skinned with darker hair growth.      Both have been tested for hormonal problems by docs, dermatologists and paediatric endocronologists and no medical problems have been found.  Funny thing is that no one else in our families has this.  I am slightly more hairy on the arms and legs then a lot of other ladies but not excessively so like theirs is.  


What I would like to ask you is - has anyone else's child been like this?  Im really worried its going to worsen at puberty!  If possible! Has anyone else had or known of a child like this that actually has this hair naturally thin out at puberty??  A couple of people have suggested it could happen but I would have thought it would just darken and worsen.  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.  


I know all the hair removal methods but they are still so young and Im not wanting to touch their faces until its absolutely necessary and causing them problems further down the tracks.  Arms and back same deal.   My nearly 7 year old has just started veeting her legs prior to swimming as she was very unhappy about them and worrying constantly about them.  Im not happy about it but I do it as I feel learning to swim is more important then worrying about leg hair.  


Just really looking for some reassurance really that we arent the only ones battling this issue??  What do other people do in this situation? :) 

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I don't have a lot of ideas, but I wanted to bump this to see if it can get some new views.

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Anyone???  Please dont tell me I am the only one with slightly furry children :) 

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My 8 yo dd does have fair skin and some darker body hair. Like at the nape of her neck and down her back a little and her arms and legs. But it doesn't really bother her. You can't see it unless you are very close and trying to see it. She did let me tweeze between her eyebrows recently because she said she didn't want to look like Bert from Sesame Street. LOL! I got the darkest hairs and thinned it out a bit, but tried not to do too much. I would say it's normal though and not something I really think about. I'd also say that she has more hair now than what she was born with.
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