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Hello ladies :) 


Welcome emountain :)


magoodoggy I am so sorry for your loss. You need time to grieve- it's totally understandable. Mine would hit me in the silliest of places...I hate crying in public...but it happened a few times...


Please move me to Waiting to O   last month wasn't our month- so this month I am trying my first month of B6 vitamins, 100mg and I am taking some calcium and a prenatal as well...sheesh. Wish us luck, next week should be my O time but I will be POAS just to make sure....if you get positive OPK's does that mean you for sure ovulated or does it just mean you had your LH surge (with possibility of not O'ing)? I feel like I should know the answer to this question but I don't. Also just wondering ppl's thoughts on Progesterone cream?


Lenny1027  I don't think it matters although I have heard it might be beneficial for sperm if you do it in the AM...can't remember why though. Anyway I have heard every other day is best because the sperm need time to "get made" but IDK....Can't hurt can it?

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Day 2 of temping again.....ugh... zzzzzz......

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So I O'd around CD 16, and normally get AF around CD 30/31, I'm on CD 32 with no signs of AF.  I'm being cautiously optimistic.  I had a faint positive yesterday and today, but after last month's chemical pregnancy/or whatever it was, I think it'll be another few days/weeks before I really believe it.

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Thanks to the ladies for their thoughtful replies.  I think I'll try taking B6 again this cycle to see if I can O a bit earlier.


Congratulations, newlyelated on your faint BFP. I hope it develops into something wonderful for you.


I hear ya, SleepingBeauty.. that morning temp'ing is SO exhausting.


AFM, I started spotting yesterday and somewhere in the illogical part of my brain I convinced myself that it was implantation bleeding, only to be disappointed this morning that it has picked up and is quickly turning into AF.  Please move me to Waiting to O.

I am really down in the dumps this morning, and I swear if anybody else tells me we should "really have another one", I'm going to punch them in the face. 

Also I was just told that some beeyotch that works here at the hospital was talking about me to people in the clinic she works in and telling everybody that the only reason I got my job is because my mom works here (not true, she doesn't even work in the same department or area and had nothing to do with my hiring). 


I really wish I had a punching bag in my office right now.   I just want to curl up in bed with my puppy and sleep.

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lenny1027, As far as BD morning or night, I don't think it matters really especially if you are BD everyday. If you were more infrequent, then it would be better to be closer to O. BD every day is fine if there are no issues on his end as far as I know.

gratefulstella, I'm not sure on OPKs myself, since they detect the Luteinizing Hormone that triggers the ovaries to ovulate, I would think a surge would be a pretty good bet that you were going to or had O'd, but maybe you can have the surge and still not O?

nearlyelated, congratulations on the faint positive, I'm sending positive vibes your way

StudyingStones, I really hate when people are asking/telling me to have another baby when I am actively trying, even when I am not it is annoying, but it just feels so much more personal then. I'm always tempted to just go right into an in depth spiel about how we are TTC and my temp was X this morning and blah blah to embarrass the crap out of them. If it wouldn't mortify my DH, I would do it in a heartbeat smile.gif but the fantasy of doing that helps. My standard response is just that we want to have another one sometime soon. I try to never ask people about plans for babies, I will talk about it if they bring it up of course, but it's just too rude for me to bring up except with maybe the closest friends/family and even with them I try to not bring it up first.
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Congratulations, nearlyelated! Since you're not allowing yourself to get excited, let me do it on your behalf. I'm hoping to be in your position in a couple of weeks!
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gratefulstella: my understanding is that the LH strips show the surge but the temps are what confirms the actual ovulation. Not sure though, maybe someone else can confirm this?


maydaymom: can you please move me to waiting to know? O came the earliest ever since I started charting, very exciting!

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Thanks guys!  Still no AF, so I'm starting to think it might be sticking.  But I don't think I'll fully confident until I'm out of the first trimester.  I had a MC at 8 weeks in 2011, so I've learned to be cautious.


Hope to hear happy announcements from more of you as the month goes on!

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Hi, everyone!


I got an almost positive on my OPK (like 90% dark) today. I feel over the moon about this as it means my body is bouncing back after MC 11 days ago. Should we BD tonight or tomorrow? We BDed for fun last night, so I'm not sure DH will have a whole new supply of sperm  but I don't want to miss the egg either. Watery CM, but no EWCM yet.



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Congratulations, Dakipode, on the early O date!  Hopefully that means a nice long LP to make a baby!!!  My fingers are crossed for you!


NearlyElated, My fingers are crossed for you too that your little bean sticks!  All the positives that have happened in the last month bode well for future successess.. I hope I will be amongst them!


Magoodoggy, If you BD'd yesterday, you're probably ok to wait until tomorrow (they say every other day is good, right?). But hey, if the mood strikes you, I'd go for it!  Wishing you luck!


AFM, AF has kicked into full swing today, and I've got some majorly intense cramping.  I was pretty weepy yesterday, but I'm feeling ok about it today (not like there's much I can do about it anyway!)  I think for this cycle I'm not going to temp, as it reallly stressed me out, and instead I'll just use OPKs, and possibly some Mucinex or Robitussin to help with getting more EWCM (I haven't had any these last few cycles). 

Of course, we'll be camping when I think I'll O, so I'm not counting on this cycle producing anything (hard to BD in a tent with a 5 year old and a puppy!), but I guess you never know!   Maybe sperm and egg will meet before we get to the forest, and I'll get lucky (haha, pun intended). 

At least now this means that we'll still be able to take a vacation in January before I hit the third trimester and can't fly anywhere.  Gotta look on the bright side whenever possible, right?


Hubby and I are having a date night tonight. DS is going for a sleepover with my mom, so we are going out for dinner and to see the Dark Knight Rises. 

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Hi all.  Joining the insanity that is TTC.  The youngest turns 1 on the 29th and I'm ready to have just one more :)  And DH isn't having a fit over the idea, amazing.


Quick intro - almost 37, almost married 13 years, 3 kids (6, 4, 1), two dogs, one cat, 8 hens, and I foster dogs for a rescue group.

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Magoodoggy...   What breed is the dog in your picture?

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He's supposedly a poodle/shih tzu, but the vet thinks dachshund too. So, we're not sure. We got him from a rescue group at when he was two years old. We've had him for two years.

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I foster and we play guess the breed everytime :)  I have had some that seem to change their breed week to week, funny what a few pounds and a warm home does for them.

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Magoodoggy.... I like his markings! He reminds me of a dog I had as a kid.

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AF showed right on time.  Waiting to O please

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Phantom poodles have that colouring. But, who knows! Maybe there's schnauzer in there too.

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My childhood mutt was Poodle and Wire Haired Terrier accordig to my brother. But, Schnauzer makes sense too.


AAM...   I have been able to get donations about every other day this cycle. But a bout of fevers is throwing my chart off. By cm, it would sem that I ovulated yesterday, but my temp didn't rise this morning, so maybe not. Anyway, if I get an offer to bd again today, I won't turn it down. shy.gif


Think Fertile Thoughts!

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Please move to me Waiting to Know. At least, I think that's what I am. By CM, I would seem to have ovulated on CD16, which is early, I usually go CD17 or 18, but it has been on 16 before. But my temps...well, I have no idea. My thermometer has gone wacky, I think. Or maybe our room is too cold. There's not a clear pattern like there has been in the past, so I'm really confused. I will be surprised if we get BFP this month, but not for lack of trying, that's for sure. Even if it was on CD16, though, we timed things right. We'll see. Trying not to get my hopes up this month.

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Well, AF showed up on Sunday, honestly I am still not sure if I actually O'd my first cycle. So please move me to Waiting to O. No biggie, I'm going to be better about my temps this cycle, probably will set an alarm, bleh smile.gif
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