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Back carries with a newborn are only safe in a woven wrap. Just wanted to mention that :) I am going to get DH to help me tomorrow to get DD on my back!

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i'm getting ready to break in my woven wrap---despite the hot & sticky weather! (btw--does anyone notice that in this pp time you are twice as hot as everyone else?) any favorite back-carry tutorials you can share?

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Yes!  Found the wrap that I got on Etsy in LO's closet today and broke it out.  AMAZING!  I had practiced enough with the super stretchy, loose Boba that this one was a cinch!  It is made out of an awesome, lightweight organic bamboo material and DS was snug and happy within seconds.  I need to email the woman who makes them and thank her!  I actually cleaned up the garage and worked on an art project while I wore him today!  So between that and the Baby Bjorn (which is easy and awesome for shopping since he loves it so much), we are doing much better.  Phew!  Poor guy, he was screaming "wear me!" not "feed me!"   ;  ) 

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Lioness - thanks! I had. completely forgotten the mei tai ribbon trick since ds1 was this size! Ds2 maxes out at like 1 hour in a carrier and its probably the legs. Awesome!

How do you deal with legs with a ring sling kangaroo carry, anyone? I've been froggying them but it's not comfy for him ....
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I have the legs out the bottom of the ring slng sometimes.  so like sitting on a chair with legs dangling free.

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just wanted to add that Reuben loves the mei tai now that i am putting his legs out with a shoelace tied around the body of the carrier. he will stay in there for hours, even awake and seems very comfortable :) thanks lionessmom!

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Echoing above- with her legs out of the moby, my LO is much happier.  I was able to water the garden, go on a walk, and cook dinner.  She was happy both sleeping and awake.  Thanks Lioness for the legs out suggestion!

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you're welcome. happy to help. i was told by my friend. she breathes baby wearing so i go to her if i have questions. she even leads a group that meets once a week to help people with carriers. 


i tried the tying a ribbon trick on my ergo. it works there too. i just dont like all the padding in the shoulders at this point. 

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I followed a youtube video to try the back carry, but with no luck.  I think she is still too tiny because I can't reach her butt with one hand, while her head is up by my neck.  she seems too short.  I tried to get DH to help me but he wasnt very helpful.

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Poor guy, he was screaming "wear me!" not "feed me!"   ;  ) 


Mine too! I have avoided the nursing marathons at home by carrying him in his Moby this week - with his legs out he LOVES it. He still tells me when he's hungry, but he gets more sleep in the daytime this way which makes for a less fussy baby and a happier me. :) I use the Baby Bjorn out and about still, easy in and out for errands. At home, I've set up a standing work station (the island in my kitchen) and can work on my writing for school while he takes his morning nap in the moby. I've been taking the afternoon nap with him, cuz it wears me out. I'm looking forward to getting to a back carry eventually - I can't unload the dishwasher or do laundry very easily with him in the moby, but I think I could in a back carry.

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