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Unity Charter School in Morristown?

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Hi All,


Does anyone here have experience with the Unity Charter School in Morristown?  It looks interesting and I'm planning to explore further- looking for some first-hand experiences.




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Bumping for input. Anyone?

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The only first hand experience I have is from going to their open house. I actually live smack dab in between Unity and Ridge and Valley Charter School (RVCS). In the end I decided I'd much rather send the kids to RVCS. Unity has some perks like more services and a great chef, but it is definitely more urban and there isn't much to do about it because of their location. You take the good with the bad because of it. From going to their open house and RVCS I came away with feeling that Unity is more of a "cool to be green" school that (forgive me) seems a bit snobby, but RVCS is more crunchy lifestyle and community based. Anyway, happy to answer more questions.
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I had the fortunte experience of being able to send my two children to Unity Charter School for many years..  What made them stand out from other regular schools was the following:  each child attends a field trip at least once per month and the middle school has a camping trip in the fall and a "historical" type of trip such as to Washington DC, Gettysburg, Boston, ect... That is still  in place. The children get a lot of "hands on learning".    Each child was involved in Community Service work  outside of the school at the Morris Senior Center and Speedwell Lake, however they don't really provide that anymore.  The school used to employ a chef that only served organic, vegetarian and vegan lunches but they no longer have that as it was a money issue.  The children used to spend a great deal of time outside as there location was right next to Speedwell Lake and they were able to have daily hikes and nature walks but they moved to a different location and this is no longer being done. The children do have morning meetings where they start their day in a very positive manner and that is a plus.  The school does offer a "positive disipline program' that is very different from the regular school system in that it empowers the students to make good, healthy choices.  The school is a "green' school to a great extent and does try to encourage sustainablilty.  The academics are fine, they need to meet the same core cirriculm standards as any other school.  Over all the school has many great qualities, but it lost some its most precious programs due to a change of thinking and personnel. 

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts!  momloves22, would you tell me whether there are children attending from various communities, or if most are local?  I live in Somerset County, and I am wondering whether there is a chance of ridesharing, and also my son having a few friends who live nearby.


Many thanks,


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About half of the children live in the Morris County Area, the rest come from of variety of towns, and yes, there are some kids from your area.  At least 15 to 20% of the kids drive from an hour or more away.  I'm not sure how old your child is, but be aware of when the enrollment process takes place and when the lottery is. At any given time there is a huge waiting list to get in, well over 150 children but don't let that deter you.  There are plenty of oppurtunities for play dates.  When my kids were in the younger grades, the moms would arrange play dates every Wednesday after school at the local park and all were welcome.  There are lots of other family activiities the school sponors to get to know the other families.  When your child is enrollled, you can ask the administration to post your email to the entire school asking for ride shares so that should not be a problem. also, there is a train very close and kids have taken it to the morristown stop. 

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Thank you so much, Momloves22- that is really helpful info!

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My oldest hit the RVCS lottery the day before school started.  He's been there a month and we LOVE it!  Just thought I'd update!

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