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Silas Liam is here!

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Our new guy Silas was born on July11. We ended up transfering to the hospital but it worked out ok.

He is our smallest at 7lbs 13oz and 19 and 3/4 inches.

We are home, milk is in, he is on the bili light bed and I am getting some rest and working on his latch(my poor nipples).


My appitite is pretty poor so I'm just nibbling here and there, hoping this will change soon.

All is pretty well. Can't wait to add his birth story soon, and pics.

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Congrats! Welcome, Silas!

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Congratulations! I am glad you are all doing well, but hope you get your appetite back. I really like his name too!

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Congratulations! Can't wait to read the story and see pictures of your little guy. Easier said than done, but don't forget to take time to take care of yourself smile.gif
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Congratulations and welcome to the world little Silas!

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Welcome Silas! Congrats!
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Congrats!  I hope the bf-ing gets better for you.

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Silas' Birth Story: Long


On Sunday July 8th my water broke at about 11:30pm right as I was getting to sleep. My DH and DD who was still up were excited and so was I. I figured I would have a baby in the morning. Called the midwife and informed her of my status, she said to get some rest and she would be out tomorrow, but to let her know if things pick up before then.

Got everything cleaned up, made the bed. DH and DD blew up the pool as I was planning a home water birth. Then I went to sleep. I didn't sleep well had some contractions but nothing indicating active labor.


Monday July 9th~ Still no real good contractions. Midwife came to see me. Listened to baby, baby good. I took a swab of the fluid coming from me, yes definitely amniotic fluid. Well everything looks fine, now we wait for labor.


Tues. July 10th~ Still no strong contractions. Midwives came out around lunch time. We checked baby before during and after a contraction, baby had a few moments of low heart tones but only when I was laying on my back. They did more checks and baby seemed to be coping well. My water has been broken for 36 hours with no real labor. I walked around my yard, did nipple stimulation in the shower,sat on my ball, did hip circles,etc. I even went to the chiropractor and got adjusted, thinking maybe baby was in a weird position due to my being misaligned.

Midwife did a cervical check and I was at a 3.

Evening rolls around. I have been trying to eat well all day but was only really able to eat small amounts of things cause I was feeling nauseous and tired.

I lay down to have a rest. I wake up and decide the kids should go to our friend's house and we should go into the hospital. It was coming up on 48hours of broken waters and me and the midwives had discussed what I wanted to do. Our plan was to wait and if 48hours came and still no rocking active labor than I would transfer.

So that is what we did.


July 10th~ around 11pm we checked into the local hospital. We told them that I had planned to go to another state to birth. My waters had been broken for 24hours with no signs of active labor so my midwife recommended I come into the local hospital.

One of my midwives stayed at my house and waited for us to call her when I was in active labor, she was going to act as my doula.

I was checked, only 3.5cms, hooked up to the monitors and an IV of antibiotics. Then I settled in and tried to get some sleep. The doctors orders were to check me at 4am and if no progress than to start PIT.

At 2am I was having some contractions I could not sleep through and I was starting to make quiet moaning sounds. This woke up DH.

He hung with me as contractions started to get more intense and closer together. He had to start counter pressure on my back, I have had back labor with all my babies. The nurse mentioned the shower, she just needed a good 10-15 minute monitor strip. We got that. Unhooked everything and DH and I got into the nice HOT shower. I labored in there as long as I could stand it, I really wanted my pool at that point.

Got hooked back up to everything and continued to labor things were getting harder.

Nurse checked me a bit before 4am and I was 5-6. So NO PIT!! Yay!

We called J the midwife at our house and she came over to the hospital to help. It was just me DH and J.

Things progressed, I started to feel pushy. But we didn't call the nurse in till I felt really pushy.

She came in and checked me, then the next contraction I was pushing and out came the babies head.

J had to tell the nurse, "babies head is out". She was focusing on the monitor and didn't see. Next contraction I pushed and out came the body. I turned around they handed him to me. I checked and ITS a BOY!! He wasn't breathing. I tried to get him going, no go. The nurses cut the cord and took him to the warmer to work on him, DH went with. I heard him cry out. Sigh of relief.

Silas Liam, born July 11th at 6:17am. So only about 4hours of active labor.

The doctor then came in checked for tears, none.:)

He took cord blood for blood typing and such.

He headed out and then I delivered the placenta. They handed me my baby boy.

We hung out skin to skin for a long time, just me DH and J. He finally nursed for 30min.

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Congratulations on a good and fairly easy birth and a healthy boy :) I know how things can go awry of how you planned them but it sounds like things were still pretty great for you!

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Congratulations! It sounds like the hospital transfer went great! So glad you are all doing well.

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