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Cord Blood Banking

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Hey mamas. What are your thoughts on cord blood banking? Have any of you done this with previous bebes or plan on doing it with your current? It's expensive, is it worth it or just advertising hype?
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I have never done it, I prefer my babies to get their own cord blood through delayed cord cutting at birth.

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The cost has always been prohibitive to us. It's hard NOT to believe the hype though-- they make it sound like you couldbe killing your child by not doing it! Especially for first time mamas, it's pretty predatory imho.

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I believe you have to choose between delayed cord cutting and blood banking. I choose delayed cord cutting. I think the benifits out weigh the small chance you will need the cord blood later. The cost is also an issue for us.
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I was reading news articles online about parents who payed a lot of money to bank only to find out their children can't use their own stem cells if a problem arises, particularly if it's a genetic problem (which is what they mainly advertise as it being a benefit for). The stem cells are often only usable for a family member, such as a sibling ( and the amount is usually too small to be used by an adult). I agree, these ads are everywhere and it does seem to be a bit much and rings of fear-mongering. I actually saw a television ad about it for the first time today.

I'm glad I asked you ladies because I never heard of delayed cord cutting and will research further. How long did you wait before cutting? Did any of you have this done in a hospital and if so, were you given a problem about it? I'm going to look into it on my own, but if any of you wouldn't mind sharing your reasons to delay, I'd appreciate it!
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I had it in my birth plan for my hospital birth and the doc cut it right away..... I was out of it and dh didn't think of it till it was too late. I would make sure that your dh/Dp or birth coach/ partner advocates just in case you don't remember.... if it is you something you decide to do.
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All my natural childbirth books seem to advise to delay the cord cutting. I just priced it out the cord blood banking here. It's $6,200.00 up front in Singapore ($4,897.00 USD) or you can pay an annual fee for 21 years. I think I'd be worried about these private companies going bankrupt or what would be done with our cord blood when we leave here. I think I'll give it a miss this time around.

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Isis, we waited until the cord was limp, white and not pulsing. Anywhere from 10-20 minutes for me. 

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Chloe - I hope I could rely on dh to remember! I'm usually the calm one during more emotionally stressful times as he tends to get overwhelmed and impulsive (although it's the complete opposite for everyday stuff as I become the easily - anxious one). I'm looking into a childbirth class that empowers the husband as birth coach so he feels more confident about everything. This is just as new for him as it is for me and I'm really going to need him as my advocate.

typebug - those are really good points. Who knows who these companies are and how stringent are they about ensuring proper storage? The thought of them going bankrupt also crossed my mind.

josie - 20 minutes really doesn't sound long in the scheme of things. I read an article that said a minimum of 2 minutes has benefits in increasing baby's iron to levels that will stave off amenia for the first 3 months.

Thanks for all your responses!
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Hey everyone! So, I'm actually due this summer, but I saw that this thread was asking some questions I have myself, and since you've hopefully given birth to happy healthy babies, you might even have more advice...My husband and I have definitely decided to store our child's cord blood, but we're not sure where. We have one recommendation so far, but I was hoping others might have some additional advice. Thank you for any insight you might have!!! Sara

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I am not sure anyone here did the cord blood banking.  I think you should just find a group and research hoe long they have been  in business and cost, etc.  As some of the ladies on here have stated there are some studies that say delayed cord cutting has more benefit for your baby and you have to choose one or the other.  Unless there is a real reason to bank it of course....


congrats on your upcoming baby!  Good luck finding what is best for your family.

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Hey Chloe'smama,


Thanks so much for that response, your suggestion to research companies that have been in the business for a long time helped lead my husband and me to Genecord. If anyone else is considering private storage, I'd highly recommend them. They're far more affordable than most private storage facilities, they've been a stable fixture in the business for decades, and the people there are very helpful and friendly. Thanks again, and happy mothering!!!!

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