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I have to say I am a little jealous of all you ladies who talk about it being a stretch to travel 1 hour or more to birth center or hospital. I am at least 1 hour away from any and all birth support (well, 50 minutes from my midwife) and my hospital of choice if I need to go to the hospital in labor is an 1.75 hours away. The joys of rural living I guess.

I hope you don't have quick labors mama!
With my last one the hospital was 30 minutes away and we still just barely made it there (which is why we are HB this time). If we had been in your shoes he would have definitely been born in the car....even if we left after the first contraction!

Are you having a HB?

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I am having a home birth this time. Last time I went to my choice hospital (my father drove a little fast, so it only took us a little over an hour) but I labored all morning at home and was 3cm when I got to the hospital, then dilated to 10cm in a little less than 2 hours, so I know my body was waiting to be in my "birth location."

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A doula friend just had a client give birth in the parking lot of a local water park. So where you live in relationship to your care provider  does not definitely determine place of birth ;) Fortunately her MW made it there, and when the paramedics showed up and insisted on taking her to a hospital, she shood them off and said, "We didn't call you, we don;t need you, go help someone who is sick or injured." Love it!

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