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How long in the Bumbo

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So, my DD is 4 months old. She scoots a little, does not role over yet, does push ups wink1.gif and recently LOVES the Bumbo.

We first got a Bumbo at 3 months and she would get tired under 5 minutes and then ten...now, she LOVES it, doesn't get tired and Im curious how long the max is that you let your child stay in the Bumbo? DD seriously could do it for 30 minutes! In your opinion Is that okay if she isn't tired?
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My little guy wouldn't sit in it for longer than 15-20 min, that including the time it took to feeding him solids.  If he was ok with sitting in it longer I probably wouldn't have allowed him to go past that anyway ... I'd say 20 min tops.  It's best not to overstress any particular area of their body (my opinion), because even though they're sitting, it can put stess on the spine, etc.

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If she loves it, you could put her in a few times a day but only for short times. Four months is still pretty little and over the coming weeks you could build up to 15 mins or so or longer. My DD enjoyed about five minutes at a time at that age, tolerate ten maybe. She was a roller though and never cared for being confined in a jolly jumper or exersaucer either, always wiggling and rolling and crawling :-)

Now that she's a toddler, I am lucky to get 15 mins in the stroller :-/
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Thanks guys. I like the advice...She just seems to like looking at everything around her, but still can't stand tummy time more than 10 minutes...it wears her out.

Hmmm maybe I need a new thread, but what do you do with your little one at tis stage all day. I hold her a ton, and she is very smiley, but doesn't really "play with toys.". She doesn't last long in the baby wearing, or tummy time, so I feel like she spends too much time on her back...but like I mentioned she loves the Bumbo. I should add that she has a perfectly round head so it's not like she's on her back all the time, but it feels like it sometimes....napping, swing, bouncer.....

How do I get her more into baby wearing..is that the solution? Just doesn't seem to build much strength...

Advice please! I'm a first time mommy if you can't already tell !
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What you describe is pretty much what I did too.  I'm a first time parent too and I think it's all you can really do.  Try to put her on the tummy like you are doing to give her opportunity to be mobile, but I don't think there's anything out there that will make a baby more occupied for longer than that (aside from sleeping of course! :).  My DS is 8+ months now and will play with toys for a few minutes at a time or in the jumper for a few minutes at a time, but even now it's nothing longer than that.  I think that's just the name of the game for a while until they get a bit older. 

I remember from 2-6 months being so bored with the routine.. and that routine day after day being feed, nap, change diaper, swing, bumbo, feed, nap, change diaper, swing, bumbo.. you get the picture..  I managed to cook dinner by moving the swing into the kitchen and talking to him about what I was cooking and trying to keep him as interested as possible without having him realize that he's been in the swing for a whole 16 minutes! :)  If I got lucky he'd fall asleep every now and then.  The time right before he started sitting on his own was the hardest because he started to want to wiggle out of the swing but I couldn't put him down either.  During that time I found that baby wearing was the most useful.  I wish I could do it now still but he's now outgrown most baby carriers.  At 4 mo my DS liked playing with rattles so maybe try to giving her things like that to look, hold and so she can feel different textures.

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