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Harper has arrived!

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I woke up this morning at 1am and started to have a few contractions.  Walked around the house a bit, ate an apple, and decided to go back to bed but they were about 3 minutes apart already although not terribly intense.  I woke up my DH and told him that maybe we should call his parents to come over to stay with our 2 year old.  Since I was GBS+ I wanted to make sure I arrived at the hospital at least 4 hours prior to delivering.  We arrived at the hospital around 2:30am.  After getting checked in we were in a monitoring room for about 20 minutes and then they checked me and I was 7+cm at which point they started moving a little faster.  While sitting on the side of the bed the nurse put on the hospital braclet, was asking a few questions, and then started my IV.  I felt like I was handling the contractions pretty well up until this point but I figured I was just getting annoyed with all the interruption and distraction from completely relaxing through the contractions.  I told my DH to start filling up the tub as I knew that would give me some relief.  I walked over and stepped in and squated in the water.  Right then I had another contraction and I got up and leaned forward on the edge and out of no where had a sudden urge to push.  I reached down and could feel the baby crowning!  DH yelled that I needed to push and a nurse and Dr. came running in.  The nurse was trying to get me to come out of the tub and when I told her that there was no way that I could get out of the tub the Dr. was really good about just stepping in and saying that she'd sit on the side of the tub and I was standing with one leg up on the ledge.  She slide out seconds later with the next contraction.  So there I was standing in the tub having just delivered our little girl and I look up and about 10 people are standing there watching the excitement.  It was wild.  The time from them giving me the antibiotics to her birth time was 6 minutes.  I'm still in total shock with how fast it all went.  She was 8 lbs, 3 oz and 21 1/4" long.  About 1.5 lbs bigger than my son.  I didn't tear at all this time which I'll attribute to delivering her standing up.  She is a great little nursling and we've had a fun day just snuggling and napping with her.  We wanted to go home at the hospital's minimum of 6 hours, but because I didn't get the antibiotics in they suggested we wait the 24 hours which is fine.


About an hour before she arrived...

Harper before.jpg


About an hour after...

Harper after.jpg

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Ohmygosh... that is FAST! And you look just as calm, cool and collected after as before! What a lovely family. Congrats!

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joy.gif crazy fast!  congrats and enjoy! 

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Wow! Great story! Happy things went so well for you- enjoy!
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Great story! Congratulations, she is beautiful!

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Holy crap, that's amazing! I'm so happy you had such a quick delivery! She's gorgeous!
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aw, I love your photos!  how awesome to have her that quick!  welcome to the world little Harper.

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That is a fast birth!!  Great pictures, too.  Congratulations!

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