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Renting a New Place - Feng Shui

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Hi! I'm just just learning about Eastern medicine and Feng Shui, and I'm getting ready to move next month as well. I'd love insight on what to look for in a new house (most likely a condo or duplex- if it's a condo we'll be on the bottom floor since my kids are up early)


I've already seen TONS of awesomeness come from clearing clutter. The kids and I left a violent relationship a little over a year ago and didn't bring hardly anything with us, so I purchased only what we needed as we needed it and it's been beautiful.  My home business has done well, the kids are thriving, we haven't been sick hardly at all. 


I'm excited to see what else Feng Shui can do for us!  I've also started martial arts classes- I can totally see how stuff from the East is really helpful.  But it's so different it's hard to wrap my head around sometimes!


I'm reading this monster thread from like forever ago http://www.mothering.com/community/t/30286/feng-shui/160 and have Fung Shui Home by Gill Hale that I bought on clearance at the book store.


So far I know that I want a well lit kitchen, but that's mostly because we love to cook together. 


Thanks for any tips :)

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Love your username!


I don't have any feng shui knowledge but wanted to bump your post up for attention. :)

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many years ago I participated in a lot of feng shui threads.   

I've been working with feng shui for about 16 years.


I really would recommend a trip to the bookstore (when the kids are not with you)  and go to the section with Feng Shui books.  Take a look at them--you will find some that are easier explained with lots of good hints and tips.  Some books are too complicated to follow (at least in the beginning).  

I'm sure you know there is compass and form feng shui.... kind of have to feel what makes most sense for you. 


I always see improvements when I tidy up my house's feng shui.  Recently we cleaned up and really worked on our back porch in a significant way.  My husband got a great job offer right when we completed the porch.   No surprise.


good luck.  

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I would be happy to help with you the feng shui of a new place if you would like..just PM me.

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Loved the new moon article Tracy..as usual :)

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Thanks for the replies :) 


I have a book, but I'll look for more :) 


For form, that's where you avoid having sharp corners pointing at people, long spaces where chi (is chi and qi the same thing?) flows too quickly, use mirrors to reflect it back, plants to move it along?  


And then compass... it all starts at the front door and then goes out on a grid that matches the bagua, correct? I had a question about that, in my apartment now, the front door is on the left front corner of my apartment; another apartment is to the left of us. So would I tilt my bagua or is the left side essentially cut off?  


I'm not really sure what's the most important stuff to look for when looking for a rental.  Once I'm there I think I'll be able to make little changes as needed.

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Start at the front door..Don't tilt your compass. Wherever there are missing sections of the bagua missing, you can essentially create that space with a mirror and then put the apporpriate cures for that corresponding missing section. For sharp corners you can use a crystal or a windchime to "cure" the space. For instance I have a sharp corner in my yard and essentially the wealth sector is cut off. I hung prayers flags in the corner of the yard, added 2 healthy plants, and then placed a mirror where the wealth sector would be. I then added a bunch of healthy plants there. You can also use the bagua per room if you choose. Stand at the door and then use the bagua for each area. I like to find my personal kua as well specifically when doing my bedroom. There are different forms of feng shui and I always say use your intuition as well. I think a person could get a little crazy using a ton of cures. Do what feels right.

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thanks! I tried PMing you, but I don't think I have enough posts to PM yet.  I'll kinda do it on my own with my books and then post pictures and would love help when it's all gone as far as I know how to go with it :)


For the rooms, would the colors I use (quilts, table cloths, etc) go by the area their room is in the house?  


Does anyone know of a good example of fabric draping? That's done in Waldorf education to soften corners, but whenever I try to do it it looks like i"m trying to build a fort :P

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At my kids waldorf school they drape from the ceiling. Using pins they hang one side, let a part hang down a bit and then pin again and so on. They also drape from the windows. I'm not sure about corners though. You use color to accentuate certain areas, when you get the books it will tell you the colors for corresponding areas. I have put a plant in a red pot to accentuate my fame area and a red cabinet in the relationship sector, a picture in whites and blues for the helpful people sector..things like that. But again intuition is really great too.

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lurk.gif Interesting thread...
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I'm on my phone so can't type really well but I have my rental smile.gif thesearethe notes I took on it as I make curtains. Was thinking of getting a wind chime for the metal section and maybe a small water fountain or something for near the front door. I love this rental smile.gif its a square older house, I can post pics when we get Internet running - any advice is appreciated!

Feng shui 

Yellow art / earth over doorway in between lr and kit 

Black/ water near front door- career

Right side lr metal/grey/travel and helpful people - metal wind chime

My bedroom wood, green, family and physical well being (I have a wood bed) green flannel sheets

Kids room wealth / family - purple, blue, red- green, floral (I'll kinda put my daughters girly stuff in the floral area and my sons blue in the wealth area)

Back door area - fame and reputation, red, orange, fire. Mat? Wall behind door covering?

Dining room and part of living room - children and creativity - metal white grey. car rug, bookcase with learning and kid books 

Kitchen pink red white love and relationships. Pictures up, curtain

Bathroom- wealth and prosperity 
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