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Baby Shower

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My sweet mother is throwing me a baby shower, its about 4 weeks down the road. I have no idea where to register lol. I mean, I plan on using cloth diapers (although we'll probably use some Swaddlers for the first week or two). I don't have any baby things from my first two kiddos. I do need a car seat. I'm getting my double electric breast pump back from a mommy friend who used it for her baby and doesn't need it anymore. Besides the car seat I just need things like a nursing pillow, cloth diapering supplies, and maybe some more clothes ( I did get some clothes from my SIL). I'll be cosleeping so I don't need a crib. I already bought myself a moby wrap. For those of you having showers did you register, if so where?

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I registered on amazon. They had pretty much every thing I wanted/needed, and seemed like they had the best prices, too.
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I will be getting a shower from the ladies in my playgroup. I havent registerd anywhere but might do it at bru or target. I dont need much, burp rags and pacis etc.
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i'm using Amazon.

Not that my registry is very full or very mainstream.

I've got stuff like: Amber necklace, some organic jammies, carseat, Diaper Detergent, Wool Mattress pad .... yeah, who knows.  Mainly it's a wish list, nothing required really.


The only reason I added a diaper bag is in case someone mainstream wants to splurge.


Really, i'd be MUCH more excited over the wool mattress pad.

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