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What are some good brands of cloth training pants?

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Hi!  Me and my sister are fed up with Brianna using Pull-Ups as a decorative diaper, so we decided to completely forgo the Pull-Ups and start using cloth training pants to help with potty training Brianna.


I bought 2 pairs of homemade training pants off of Etsy.com, but I was also wondering what cloth training pants are your guys' favorites?  Brianna loves purple and anything with cats on it, but I have yet to find training pants that have these on them.  I am also not experienced enough with using the sewing machine, so I can't make her some myself.

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We like the Kissaluvs:



because you can stuff the pocket for nap times or if you're going to be out and about doing something exciting all day and worried about an accident.  The Blueberry training pants are also good:



But they're more like padded underwear than training pants, IMO - there's very little waterproofing and they take FOREVER to dry when you wash them.  On the other hand, if she's progressed to basically underwear, they may 'fool' her.  My DS won't pee in underwear but will pee in a diaper - if I'm nervous about being gone all day, I can put him in the Blueberry and he thinks it's underwear; if he has an accident, his pants can usually survive.  He doesn't fall for the Kissaluvs as big boy pants anymore, and either protests that he's a big boy and doesn't need a diaper, or apparently thinks, "Oh screw it," and just goes in them... winky.gif

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I like Imse Vimse (or shall I say, I have three pairs and they are ok).

They are bulky. They catch a pee. They easily pull on and off. They are cute. They fit my 2.5 year old son much better then they fit my 2.4 year old petite daughter, but she can still use them. My son only liked wearing them for a week, then he switched to underwear.



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We really liked the Blueberry trainers too. They're soft and absorbent enough to confine a pee to trainer + clothes -- I used them for that transition period when she was out of diapers, but not totally reliable on errands. I just wanted to avoid a puddle on the floor, and they worked great for that while still feeling and looking like undies. We also used them for when she was nearly always dry at night, but not always -- we'd still have to change her pjs but not her sheets.

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We are VERY happy with the Hanna Anderson. they are nice padded briefs. If you want waterproof check out FLIP training pants, but those are very expensive. For the cheepest, there are gerber, we use those when our hanna anderson ones are all dirty! 

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I like the imse vimse because they have a hidden PUL insert. They wash beautifully and totally contain poop but pee won't stain things. They probably wouldn't work for a nap if someone still peed in their sleep. Also, they are easy to sell gently used.


For later stages, I adore tha Hanna Anderson ones. Totally worth the money. The best cut ever.

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I like the Flip ones.
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