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Well, I'm feeling a little more rested today, so it's time to catch up!


ithappened--as I write this, I hope that you are recovering well and feeling peaceful and overjoyed with your new babes! I'm not joking--every time I woke up last night, I thought about you and hoped that things were going well. Can't wait to hear more! joy.gif


mommamelissa, I totally get the "yikes! I have to buckle down" sentiment. I agree with others who have suggested making meals while you're at the rental place. If you're a crafty person, could you do some kind of project, like knit something or crochet a little blanket? I find that to be soothing. And if you had money, you could hire a cleaning service to come in while you're gone and clean your house! Ha ha! Wouldn't we all love that?!


Ninetales, it seems like a lot of us feel like we're running circles these days. It's good to know we're not alone! For your sake, I hope your little one comes early too.


sallyrae, it sounds like you're in a great place! Keep it up!


LilyTiger--glad everything looks good, and that the birth is not as imminent as you were possibly thinking. Hope you get a lot done in the next two weeks, although spending it reading novels sounds sooo much better than all the administrative work and writing! I know what you mean about some days hardly feeling pregnant at all, and other days feeling so ready to be done.


Tizzy--yay for dropping babies! You sound pretty laid-back about the whole thing, which makes me as a FTM feel a little better! I hope that things work out with the scheduling and your DH getting the time off that you want. I would think that the more kids = the more an extra pair of hands is needed!


lakeruby, I hope your MW appointment went well. I know the nervousness beforehand, but I'm sure that things wouldn't suddenly go really wrong without any warning. Let us know!


NewMumJoy--you're so close! Glad you got to have DH around for an extended time--you deserve to be spoiled! I was freaking out a little bit yesterday because I realized I didn't have a way of contacting DH during the day if I go into labor (he's an electrician in an industrial flour mill with no cell reception inside the building and I don't have any of his coworkers numbers). So I can't imagine how nervous I'd be to have him gone for so many days in a row--take it easy this week so that babe stays put!


rebecca--yay for thoughtful and helpful husbands! I commiserate with the feeling of being behind. I hope you're able to catch up on some sleep, and that things go a little more smoothly this week.


andaluza, it sounds like you have your list under control, even though you're not quite ready to go. So great that you're feeling well though! I've just had the same thing with feeling a heavier pressure lower down in my pelvis--it's a pretty new sensation for me too. Things are happening!


Veritas--I completely sympathize with being bummed having B gone so much. When my DH is gone, I get pretty useless and down too. I already feel resentful that my DH works so many 6-day weeks--I miss having a whole weekend with him! So I can't even imagine how hard it must be to think about B being gone for such long stretches of time, especially once your LO arrives. hug2.gif


KristyDi--I couldn't even handle going through all of that! You sound so calm, even though I'm sure you feel anything but calm. Here's hoping that things fall into place as smoothly as possible. It seems so unfair in so many respects--at the very least, if you'd had some kind of warning, that would have made it a little easier to take. Even then... how horrible! Also, I hope you're able to figure out your birthing situation. I would say to go with your gut about where you feel most comfortable.


justchanti--sounds like things are getting close for you! What kind of pool are you using for the birth?


Sorry if I missed anyone! As I said earlier, I'm feeling a lot better today. DH was helpful last night with doing some rearranging in the living room to make more room. Every little step closer somehow makes me feel better. In general, I feel pretty good physically. I'm definitely slowing down, but still enjoying going for regular 3-mile walks and swimming and biking around town. Sleeping isn't always the easiest, but I'm starting to accept that that's just how it's going to be for the next while.


Over the weekend we picked up a birthing tub from a friend who just had her baby 3 weeks ago. The baby was sleeping when we first got there, but then woke up. When my friend came around the corner with her, it suddenly hit me how tiny they are! I mean, I know newborns are small, but I guess I forgot just how small (and she was born at a healthy 8 lbs). Then DH started crying, and it was just the sweetest moment. As much as I am nervous for the birth, I'm also freaking excited to meet this baby!  

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Congratulations, ithappened!  I can't believe your beautiful twins are so big!


It's amazing everyone is getting so close to their due dates.  Nesting, buying, preparing, packing practicing, worrying, day-dreaming, etc.  I wish the final weeks of everyone's pregnancies could be peaceful and worry-free but life doesn't seem to work that way.  Wish it did.  I wish I had the foresight to get all the practicalities out of the way weeks ago.  I'm 35w tomorrow and I still don't have any cloth diapers, the crib hasn't been delivered yet and we've just started to try to figure out how to get the car seat installed (well, at least we have a car seat now!) ... I'll just remind myself again that my problems aren't really problems...


That being said, today is our 7 year anniversary.  Unfortunately, my husband is not in the best mood right now.  Great timing as usual.  I think maybe, on special days, we shouldn't answer the phone?  (Well, I often don't answer the phone on ordinary days!)  So, anyway, he's now distracted by family/financial matters.  I'm sure we'll manage to salvage the rest of the day.   

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Did everyone see the pics of the twinsies?  Not sure if this link will go through, but they are BEAUTIFUL!



ETA: And holy crow, 8 lbs each!!!!

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No kidding. Totally impressed!! They are just gorgeous! And how awesome are twins!!!

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I know!!! They are absolutely beautiful and adorable. I am totally in awe!  stillheart.gif

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Awww crap I didn't add anyone on FB and I can't see the pic. Jealous! 8lbs each! WOW!

Welcome babies #2 and #3. joy.gifLots of good thoughts for ithappened as she recovers.

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8lb twins!  That's so great!  I can't see the fb page so I'll be thread stalking for squishy baby pictures.  I hope your recovery is easy ithappens.


Who's next?  The next 2-3 weeks are going to be so baby heavy here I bet.

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Congratulations, Ithappened! I can't see the pics, either, so I'll have to be patient!

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Yaaaaaayy!!! ithappened, CONGRATS!!! can't wait to see the pictures! you've been such an inspiration to me as I've carried my twins this summer. So happy for you!
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Ack! It feels like the OK corral and I'm the last man standing. DH and all three kids are puking. Cue the music and tumbleweed lol!
He asked if I felt sick, like tight stomach muscles, bubbly stomach, gassy, etc. I just looked at him and said...."I'm 9mo pregnant, that's everyday for me! And what are these stomach muscles you speak of?" LOL

Really, I'll probably get it too, but I took some pepto to ward it off until I can finish morning milking.
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I hope you're somehow able to avoid getting sick, Tizzy.


KristyDi, I'm so sorry you have to deal with all of that right now.  You seem to be handling it quite well, but hugs to you, Mama.


Happy Anniversary, Keuriweo! I'm sorry your husband is feeling a little overwhelmed with everything else.  How is his family doing, by the way?  I believe you had said some people were sick?


Sarah, I'm glad you're feeling better, and kudos on still staying so active! 


And Ithappened, I said this on FB, but congratulations!  Your babies are so beautiful.  Enjoy your downtime with the babies at the hospital!


I'm just enjoying my week with B being home.  I have my mandatory appointment with the family practitioner tomorrow morning to determine if everything is ok to go forward with the birth center birth.  It will also be my trial run with this family practitioner so I can decide if I'd like to use the practice for Q's pediatrician.  I've heard good things about them, so I'm hopeful it will work out.

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Hi Everyone! 


Ithappened - Congrats on your BEAUTIFUL big babies.  I've never carried even one 8 pound baby - my hats off to you.  I hope you are enjoying your little munchkins. 


KristyD - Holy Cow - you are handling all of the sudden change so well - so glad you guys are still secure, etc.  I hope everything continues to settle in ok and you figure out your birth situation. 


Veritas - Sorry - what a bummer about B's travel schedule.  And I think you'll be fine flying at 35 weeks.  I should know as I just flew at 35 weeks 4 days from China to Michigan.  It was a little brutal - I gained (and have since lost) 5 POUNDS of water weight in 24 hours.  My ankles (which never swell) were HUGE.  I couldn't walk too much on the flight as I was pretty busy with my kiddos and ended up holding my 5 year old in my lap for 6 hours straight so he could sleep.  Let's just say at the end of that my bladder was pretty full.  Whoa.  I digress - I think it will be totally worth it to be with B for his birthday. 


We are now in Michigan... and although pretty jetlagged - just so happy to be here in one piece.  I didn't go into labor, the kids survived, and it's nice to be home.  We went to Target and got newborn dipes, a new Boppy, and a few other things for baby - and so I feel like if I go into labor now, it'll be fine.  I'd still like a couple more weeks to get settled, but I'll take what I can get! 


OK - my husband can't find his shaving cream - gotta run help him dig it out of one of our EIGHT suitcases!!!


Nice to read up on all your news, even if I didn't respond individually...


Enjoy the day...

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Ithappened - Your babies are beautiful! So happy for you! I hope the delivery went smoothly. Sending lots of love to your family. stillheart.gif


Hi everyone! I know I've been pretty quiet through this move. Just wanted to pop in for an update. We found an apartment and are prepping to move in the next week, which is a huge relief. I got checked in at the hospital where I'll be delivering on Langley AFB and we meet with my new MW tomorrow. She has a great rep for being very supportive w natural births so I'm pretty pleased. All in all, things are moving along well and the major things are getting accomplished. I am SO relieved! We are car shopping this week, too. It looks like we'll have a full month to unpack and prep for this baby. *big sigh*  Thanks so much for all the support. I love my DDC! joy.gif


Thinking of all you mama's who are getting ready to meet your LO's!! Lots of love and strength to you. Keep us posted.

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Lizbiz! So happy your journey to the states was smooth! I bet that is such a relief for you all.

LeAnn! Yay! For finding an apartment! So fun. What a fresh new start this baby is for you guys! What kind of car are you thinking about getting?

Best wishes mamas!
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Congrats, ithappened!!! SO happy for you... And very proud of you too - you've endured so much through this pregnancy and remained so active, healthy and strong through these months.  I hope you're resting up nicely and enjoying your new babies and soaking up your recovery time at the hospital!


Veritas - I definitely understand how you feel about B's travel schedule, I'm in the same boat here w/DH's travel not letting up any time soon.  (Hugs!!)  I hope that you can work out a visit from your sister, that would be soooo helpful!  And will your Mom be able to help out too now that she's nearby?  You'll have to do a lot of online video chatting w/B while he's away, that's what I rely on.  Good luck w/your trip this w/e and enjoy your shower!!


KirstyDi - Wow, so sorry for the bad news about DH's job (and all it's effects) - what terrible timing!  Thinking of you as you make last minute adjustments to everything - I hope things can go smoothly from here and fall into place relatively quickly for you both.  Keep you chin up!


LilyTiger - I'm surprised to hear of the news from your MW appt - but that's great that the 'extra time' will work out in your favor!  At least you know either way.... I have a checkup this Friday and am going to let them do an internal exam as I'm dying to know what's going on in there as well....


Rebecca - Aww, poor DD!  Hope the rest of the week at daycare improves....


Sarahdb - so nice to see brand new babies nowadays isn't it??  DH's reaction - how endearing!  I've been reading the birth stories from the July DDC to DH recently - it's nice to see him share in the excitement...


Keuriweo - Happy Anniversary!!


Tizzy - Oh no, I hope your family recovers quickly.... and that you don't get sick as well!!  You're such a trooper...


LizBiz - You made it!  Congrats!!  Hope you're settled in and enjoying Ann Arbor in no time!


LeAnn - Hoooray for finding your apt!  And car shopping too - how exciting, good luck!  Glad you'll be getting settled in very soon.... 

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hi everyone!


just thought Id say I survived! I am doing pretty well considering its been a little over 24 hours- I am just on tylenol now and able to walk around without much pain.. BFing is going really well, my milk came in already which is a big surprise (with DS1 it took 3-4 days)

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Aww, ithappened, I'm so glad to see you post and that you're doing well! Wow, milk already! Your body was like, these twinsies need to eat! :) I sent you FB friend request because I couldn't wait to see them (Betsy N).

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Thanks for the update mama! So happy your milk came in. Do the twins cuddle? I can't wait to hear about your experience and the differences between one babe and two. Glad you are feeling good. Enjoy your stay in the hospital! Hope you're getting some rest:joy
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Sounds like you are doing quite wonderful, ithappened! Wouldn't expect any less from you. Hope the healing continues smoothly and that you are enjoying getting to know your new babies!!

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Congratulations ithappened! I'm so glad to hear all is well. 

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