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Homebirth of a Breech Baby - Inspiring Stories?

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I am almost 39 weeks, and almost doing everything under the sun - I won't even list it all because it's too exhausting - I have stopped all methods - and am embracing the last part of my pregnancy (as best as I can with an un-supportive husband).


I have been through the web looking for breech births - and I found lots of successful breech birth videos, but I'm looking for more personal positive stories from real MDC women. 


I'm not looking for ideas of methods to turn the baby as I have exhausted all those.  Just looking for positive homebirth stories of a breech baby.

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Anyone have a breech homebirth and willing to share?

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Not one homebirth of a Frank or Complete breech baby here?  Where you knew the baby was breech?


I can't be alone here.

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I never posted my birth story but DS2 was a surprise breech waterbirth.  In hindsight he was breech most of the the time the entire third trimester but he was smart enough to flip head down for midwife visits (homebirth midwives cannot legally attend a known breech birth in my state) and because they always said he was head down it never occurred to me that the very different movements I felt were caused by him being breech.  Even though my then 4.75 YO kept insisting that the hard little thing she could feel at the top of my stomach was a head and not a butt!


I had a very straightforward labor and birth.  I planned to try not to push at all, just breathe him out to try to avoid tearing.  Couldn't sleep through contractions anymore around 2 am IIRC and labored for a few hours before calling my midwife around 5 am.  Called the backup midwife around 6 am.  The backup showed up around...6:30 maybe and I started feeling a little pushy right around then.  Not like I had to push, but maybe I could experimentally push and see what happened.  I labored some more and DH finally got the birth pool ready to go around 7 or 7:30.  I felt slightly pushy the whole time.  I got in the pool and within a few minutes started feeling really pushy.  I didn't push and didn't push and finally got to the point where I absolutely had to push.  I was trying to breathe and not push but I just couldn't not push.  So I pushed for one contraction and felt was I thought was crowning, but there was no stop after the head for the shoulders like there had been with my others.  He just kept sliding out and I called for someone to catch him (I was on my knees leaning against the side of the pool) and the assistant went behind me to catch him and said that he was breech and born in the caul.  Unfortunately DH didn't take any pictures so I don't know what it looked like.  As my DD said, "He just squirted out!" and that's pretty much what it felt like.


So that's my story.  I just listened to my body and everything was completely hands off other than a couple of heartrate checks and it was lovely.  I wouldn't hesitate to birth another frank breech baby at home.  This might not be what helpful to you since I didn't know he was breech, but at least it given you an idea of what a breech homebirth is like.

ETA: I read the story of the twin breeches and I'd agree with that mama that it was easier pushing out a breech than a vertex baby.  I guess because the butt is smaller than the head.  My breech was 12 oz lighter than his siblings were.  I pushed for 20 minutes with my first and about 5 minutes with my second so I wouldn't say I usually had trouble pushing my babies out.

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