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New to Greensboro NC

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Hello out there!
Our family just moved to Summerfield a little over a week ago from Portland Oregon. While we lived out there for 13 years, my husband and I are from Florida, my oldest (19-still in Portland) was born in Florida and my middle son was born in Charleston, SC. We are glad to be back on the same coast as our extended family.  My oldest son will be moving East within 6 months-my mother in law lives in NY and he wants to go to school there. My daughter is 9 and my son is 13, and we homeschool. While it has been a really long time since I posted on MDC, some of my real life mama friends back in Portland are or are former MDC-ers. I am hoping to make some mama friends here and maybe find a park day or other fun stuff for my kiddos.  My daughter especially is having a hard time adjusting. I have joined a few homeschool yahoo groups in the area, but am guessing things will be slow for the summer. 

Hope to talk to you soon!

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Being closer to family is so nice!  Welcome back to the east coast and best of luck settling in! love.gif

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I'm in Winston-Salem, but I'm a "NMY" (not a mom yet), so I'm no help for playdates, but I thought I say hi since you're local! :)

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Hey there smile.gif Thanks a lot. We are feeling very lonely for our community back in Portland, but I've met a couple mamas since we've been here. I am having a hard time finding stuff for my 14 year old to do, he hasn't met anyone here yet. All I can say is, thank goodness for Google Hangout! He was able to "hangout" with a friend back in Portland last night. Anyway thanks for the hellos...they are much appreciated redface.gif
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My son is only 3 but we live here in Greensboro.  We moved here about 2.5 years ago and are still finding new things and people to spend time with. 

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aolinsmama, Greensboro is a little bit out of my circle, but if you ever decide to venture toward the Triangle there is a great group of very inclusive and active homeschoolers here. Our family doesn't homeschool, but have many friends who do and they do have weekly park days, etc. They do field trips and have organized classes, too, but it's mostly centered around Chapel Hill/Durham/Hillsborough. I do know some homeschoolers in Graham, too, but that's as far north as I can think of any I know. Hope you can find your tribe in the Triad. There must be some there, too.

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