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Constant Hair Chewing

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My five year old chews her hair constantly. She also heartily resists having her hair washed or cut. I feel really frustrated. I don't want to force her to cut her hair, but I don't know what to do. Her hair is really gross.

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I would tie it back every day with the threat of having it cut if she takes it out or you see her chewing it.  Bit drastic but it may be what she needs to hear.  Then it will be up to her as to what happens.   I remember going to school with a girl who always chewed the end of her long plait.  Her hair was so brittle and dry on the ends - her mother had to cut it off because of the state of it so she made sure it was cut to a length that wouldnt reach to her mouth.   

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My 5y old DD2 chews on her hair. I keep it roughly shoulder length for this exact reason and her hair is  either in a ponytail (which she hates) or I just put the front pieces back, I do that more often. It works!


DD2 isn't a fan of getting her hair washed which is a every other night thing in our house, sometimes every 2-3 nights with a really busy week. I give her the option of bath or shower and alone or with a sibling. I think it helps her to have some things that she can control even if she can't control the actual hair washing part. 

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I think getting a hair cut can be her choice - cooperate in taking care of your body (hair) or choose a hair cut that minimizes hair care. I put my dd in charge of her hair at 3 and she has a very short cut - her choice. When it starts to get long I give reminders and so far she has kept it cut short each time. Have you tried giving alternative choices for the chewing? Do you know what the chewing is about - habit, anxiety, ?

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cutting the hair i think is not going to solve anything.


it seems like she is chewing as a safety mechanism.


i am not sure how to do it, but you need to figure out why seh is chewing. how long has she been chewing? did anything happen when she started chewing. 


anxiety is usually a good reason to start. 

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