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sustainable community in western NC

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We are looking for land right now in WNC. We are here, living in our RV looking for land to buy or land to live on in Exchange for work (skilled carpentry, renovations, farmwork, maintenance,etc). We want to be fairly close to Asheville (one hour).

If we buy land, it will be a super cheap deal: we don't want to spend more than $10,000 for a few acres, although we could go in with a family for a more expensive property if it was bigger/worth it. We want water on the property and will live in our RV while building some kind of small, sustainable home. We want to use alternative power and be as self sufficient as possible, but will not be true homesteaders as we travel too much! So am hoping to be near farmers that we can buy from/barter with for raw milk, free range meat and eggs, and produce.

I really want a like minded community. Is anyone else in that area? Where exactly, and do you recommend it? Any ideas for land for us? Free activities we should be enjoying with our 1, 2, and 7 year olds?


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Sounds like a wonderful plan! Hope you find some good land and around like-minded community. 


Anyone have any suggestions?

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I have found several dreamy places like this one: http://www.sacredmountainsanctuary.org/home.htm

But none that were open to those with so few dollars smile.gif Well, we will keep looking and meeting people and see what develops!
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Hi, I am living in WNC also and believe it or not, in the same exact situation!! Literally, with the land wants, living in an RV, the whole shebang. I don't know how to message you but I'd like to give you my email..

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I'm part of a group that is looking to form a self-sufficient community. We are looking for land to purchase at the moment, but any and all are welcome to come take a look at our group!

 We are a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to the purchase of land and the creation of an “Eco-village

” on that land. Some refer to this type of venture as a commune and others as a “Liberty village.” Whatever you prefer to call it, our intention is to create a self-sustaining village capable of existing “off grid” so to speak. By that we mean, generating our own power , growing as much food as the community will need year round, raising, slaughtering and butchering our own meat (for those who choose to eat meat), all in an Earth-friendly manner.
We will sparingly utilize natural resources, where available, with renewal and replenishment in a manner not detrimental to the local environment. It is not possible to undertake such an endeavor without using some of the natural resources, so we will scrutinize and manage every project which requires the harvesting of those resources.
We invite you to join the group and share your ideas. All ideas are welcome if presented in a respectful manner. We know that this type of project attracts an eclectic variety of people and we want to respect everyone’s Faith and political perspectives. With that in mind, we respectfully request that posts of a religious or political nature be kept to a bare minimum. It is understood that you want to discuss and share your views and we want you to feel free to do so. However, these topics are known to be volatile in nature. So, please remember, you don’t have to share the views of the other members, you just have to respect them.
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You could try posting in the tribes section. I've read of a few woman who have been researching areas around Asheville who are looking to homestead/go off-grid etc. Or you could join the Asheville Mamas yahoo group too. I'm sure you will get a response there.


Good luck.

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