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going "past due"?

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Anyone have any experience with going past 41-42 weeks or have any insight for me?  I am almost at 41.5wks now.  (third baby, second homebirth)
My midwife is not concerned and is happy to wait things out if I want to.  I do think that my dates could have been a bit off so I've not been too concerned up until now.  However, I am borderline for gestational diabetes every time and the big baby fear always weighs on my mind at the end... it's also the hardest to not cheat on my diet when the end is in sight and I admit I have not been as dilligent with it as I should lately. :/  (Previous babies were 8lb11oz and 9lbs.)  
I have been trying the less invasive induction things this weekend... had a chiro adjustment Sunday, s.e.x., some nip stimulation, pressure points, taking daily walks and so on.  Plus the EPO and RRL tea I've been doing for awhile now.
I did think I will have her do a membrane sweep if baby doesn't come on her own by my next appt.  I didn't want to do castor oil or the cohoshes or anything controversial like that unless it was between that and a medical induction.
I did loose a couple chunks of mucus today so hopefully something is going to kick in soon on it's own.  Tonight would be great! lol
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My most recent child was home born at 41w4d. I feel you. 

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My first was 41 wks 4 days and weighed 8lbs 6 oz- birth center and ended up transferring to hospital due to sciatica, my second was 41 wks 6 days 8lbs 15 oz - unassisted homebirth, so I understand your predicament. Membrane sweep was helpful both times, but I HIGHLY recommend doing the Miles Circuit after that to really get things going! When it comes to "natural inductions" I have tried it all.... Nothing but the sweeping and the circuit helped me.
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My first was born at home at 41+4.


I have no advice really except that the baby WILL come out in the next few days (know anyone who is 45 weeks pregnant?) and as regards the size...how did your last 2 deliveries go?  Because to me neither baby was huge and you had the second, the larger, at home, so i assume it fitted through just fine?  I think you should take care of your diet because it is taking care of YOURSELF, but not because the baby will be "too big" - at this stage you'd need to be pregnant another 10 days or so for it to make any significant difference to the size/weight of the baby.


Don't worry, you'll be holding your LO very soon.

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Never heard of the miles circut (though I was doing some of those stretches anyway)... Thanks! I will try some of those out tonight along with my pressure points.


I do think I was "sweeped" without my consent the first time and my water broke the next day.  So I'm pretty confident it will work for me at almost 42 wks.  


I think most of the other stuff is terribly unreliable, but when you are 41+ everything suddenly sounds like it's worth a shot.  

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Thanks for the encouragement.  Though to be honest I don't know many people who weren't induced for some reason or another by 41 weeks.  Not a very a naturally minded culture here. Thus the reason I came on here. :)


The second delivery was shorter than the first.  Wouldn't say it was far easier but it followed the same general pattern only the stages were shorter and I tore less (but still needed stitches again).  The midwife did say that girls tend to weigh less and that is what the u/s said this time.  (Other two are boys.)  Good to know I'm not screwing up too much by my "cheats" lately.  It is flippin hot and I have been craving ice cream non stop.  I only had a little bit once this week though.  Been eating more fruit too, though healthy is obviously on the sugary side.

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I've had two 44 weekers based on lmp but my cycles are long so... the 2nd one looked about 39 weeks gestationally.


My baby I just had last week was 41 weeks based on early us. She was a pit induction after failing her bpp/nst. 

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My 4th baby arrived around 41.5 weeks, my longest pregnancy by over a week.  But when he was ready he came flying out, with labor less than 30 minutes.  He was also only 9 lb 8 oz, my next-to-smallest baby. 


Hope your little one decides to make an appearance soon!

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Originally Posted by mama k nj View Post

I think most of the other stuff is terribly unreliable, but when you are 41+ everything suddenly sounds like it's worth a shot.  


Yep. I did castor oil with DS and it did nothing. Some people have a very unpleasant time with that, thankfully I did not... But with DD when someone asked me at 41+ weeks if I would try it again that time, I laughed at them. Some people swear by it but it is totally illogical to me. lol my body is not going to be tricked into going into labor because (excuse my grossness) poop pushing out muscles are nearby to baby pushing out muscles.... It was as if my abdomen looked up at me and was like "Really. You think I'm fooled by that? Pffft"


I hope things get moving for you soon! Err... Baby things that is. lol
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I went 16 days over my EDD, dates were off and also went and had my EDD revised back to the one given on my original ultrasound. That said if I hadnt had the baby when I did I was off to see another doctor to see if I could get an extension. My midwife was supportive and encouraging in waiting until the baby was ready. Your baby will come soon - you wont give brith to a teenager even if that is how you feel now. My baby was a beautiful healthy weight and I think the extra time inside gave her a great start which is still apparent to me 2 years on.

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My ds was 43 weeks 5 days.  Babies come when ready  ;)  Turn off the phone and relax.

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Mine went 42 full weeks, and then I was induced. I was already about 4 cm dilated and 50% effaced; I just hadn't entered actual labor yet. My Bishop score was good, so the pitocin worked quickly, and everything else went as I'd hoped (no pain meds, delayed cord clamping, immediate skin-to-skin, kept the placenta, etc.).


When TTC, I was taking my temp, using ovulation detector tests, everything, so I'm very confident about my dates. When my son was born, he was 9 lbs 4 oz and perfect. The placenta also looked great, and had not started to deteriorate; my midwife said it didn't look like an "overdue" placenta at all. The encapsulator also said this.


This was my first baby, so possibly my body just needed an extra nudge? Not that a body "doesn't know what to do," but maybe it was just slower to react, since this was a new experience for it? Hopefully yours will kick into gear soon!


Not sure how helpful this is. I tried not to babble too much :) Hope your waiting is over very soon!

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My first was a planned birthcenter/unplanned c-section at 41 weeks and 3 days weighing 8lbs, 7oz. My second was a homebirth at 40 weeks and 3 days, weighing 9lbs, 8oz. I didn't do any kind of natural induction, except walking and sex for the 1st because my midwifes assured me it was completely normal and weren't worried. The 2nd time around I was very done being pregnant and tried accupuncture at exactly 40 weeks. Two sessions later I was in labor, it worked well for me. However after the fact I was really sad I rushed the process. I kept thinking that was probably the last time I would ever be pregnant and I forgot to take the time to enjoy it. greensad.gif
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I went 42 weeks, 6 days, and we were very certain of date of conception. I thought I was going to lose my damn mind. :(  I tried evening primrose oil and daily sex the last few weeks, but I'm pretty sure none of that really did much.

But, 1 day before our scheduled induction (midwife wasn't comfortable going past 43 weeks and I was desperate), he finally decided it was time. Even going that far over, he was just 7.5 pounds and had no signs of being overdue... some babies just take longer to cook than others, and I'm so happy I respected that. I think about if I'd gone the traditional hospital route and been talked into an pre-40 week induction like so many people are; my kid would have been born an entire month before he was ready. O.O

It's incredibly hard to wait, especially with everyone asking you about it CONSTANTLY. Just try to focus on the fact that once your baby's finally here, all of this will just be a hazy memory... and a good story to tease him or her with. :)

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W/ my 1st and only I was 42.5 weeks when she finally decided to show.  My m/w stripped my membranes at 40 weeks...and nothing.  My DD was determined to arrive perfectly on her own timing...arrived on Christmas morning :):)  My m/w was not supportive in going over the 40 weeks so once I hit 41 weeks she started pushing for an u/s every few days (nervous b/c of all the medical backlash here for m/ws).  I resisted.  DD ended up being 7lbs, 8oz so the guesstimates by the u/s and doctors were WRONG...either that or I just have small-ish babies.


Also...even after I had been in labor for about 10 hours my water still hadn't broken and I still wasn't 9 cm dilated.  It just goes to show that the medical profession has the whole labor thing wrong.


I want to encourage you (if you haven't gone into labor by the time I have written this) that your daughter will arrive soon...did you read the mothering article about the in between time?  Follow your instincts!  You know best, momma!

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My 3rd was 44 weeks by my LMP- which was Jan 1st and she was born Nov 3rd.  I was worried and having a homebirth b/c I knew ovulation had been MUCH later, and my midwife was very very encouraging to wait.  I'm glad I did as I had a lovely 8lb 8oz, 21 3/4 inch long baby girl who was absolutely perfect.  The drama over going late was so hard that when I had my 4th child, I lied to everyone by a full month as to my due date.  She was 42 weeks and 7lbs.  My pregnancies go later- 4 pregnancies, and the earliest was my first who was induced at 41 weeks (42 by LMP) but when I look back, he was probably not ready, and the 3 day labor and OP delivery seemed confirmation that it was not the best choice for us both.  My 41 wk 3 day baby girl was only 7lbs 9oz, then my 8lb 8oz girl, and my 7lb peanut.  None of my babies had signs of being overdue, and my weight gain by the end slowed down so that the baby was getting bigger by all measurements but I was not gaining weight.  


It's terribly hard to wait.  Especially when so many mommas are delivering 9lb or even 10lb 38 week babies all over and you're just huge and done.  But my labors when started naturally were 1000x easier than my induction.  I will continually give myself a due month, and tell everyone the last possible dates as due dates so that I don't get the negative pressure.


All of my babies are born holding up their heads, last one could roll over from birth, and the entire transition from birth to newborn was so much more graceful for those I waited upon.  I believe in a healthy pregnancy, the babies will arrive when they're ready.  Especially if its not a first time birth- which is just a challenge for both mother and child that is specially unique!  


Blessings- I don't think it's fair that trimesters are not evenly divided, and that some of us have a full month longer in the last trimester than the first!!!

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My homebirth (baby no. 2) was exactly 42 weeks. That's just when she decided to come. I knew that my mother had me at 42 weeks (sadly, a c-section with no labor - the doc told my mother he could induce her but "nothing would happen" - wth?) and found out later that my grandmother had both her daughters at around 42 weeks as well. So, it's normal for my family. Like your midwife, mine wasn't sweating it. We did try several natural methods: I took long walks everyday, made love with my husband more frequently, ate pineapple and spicy foods, sniffed clary sage oil. Nothing worked. She just came when she wanted to. She was quite large - 8 lbs 14 oz, and her head was very round - it was intense for sure! A longer gestation is just natural for some. Ask your mother and grandmother about their gestational lengths if you're able. I'm sure he / she will come. Best of luck to you, and may you have a wonderful, magical birth!

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Originally Posted by Cassiani View Post

 The drama over going late was so hard that when I had my 4th child, I lied to everyone by a full month as to my due date.  

DH and I decided to do this with our next one too! Haha... We are adjusting the due date we tell people to reflect 42 weeks, sine the first two were 41wks 4 days and 41wks 6 days. It will be really nice not to have the several times per day "is the baby coming yet?" questions in the last couple weeks.
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Originally Posted by ashleybess View Post

 Ask your mother and grandmother about their gestational lengths if you're able. I'm sure he / she will come. Best of luck to you, and may you have a wonderful, magical birth!

I was born exactly on my due date and my brother was over 42 weeks.  However he was 10lb 2oz and a pretty fast/traumatic birth.  She had planned a HB with him but the midwives didn't make it in time and my Dad caught him.


My previous babies were 40wk2d and 40wk3d so I am surprised this is taking so long this time.  I did look at my numbers again and the absolute latest I could be 40wks would have been 7/12.  So that made me feel a little bit better.  I do wish I had given people a later due date so they wouldn't bug me so much.  Still I'm 6 days past that date now too.  

I did have her check and strip the membranes today.  She said it was mostly already separated anyway and I'm at 2cm . So hopefully that will give me a boost.  Will try the Miles circut and some more walking once it cools down a bit.  (So flippin hot today!)

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My son was born at 42+1.  I was SURE of my dates due to charting and a clear temp rise that cycle.  

I had anticipated an unassisted home birth but transfered to the hospital as I needed a cath and it ended with a c-section because of exaustion.  45 hour labor and no support from hospital staff what-so-ever.  


My son ended up being 7lbs 12oz. No big baby for going "over-due" here!  You'll be fine!  Your body knows how to do this!

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