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3rd Tri - Anyone unable to leave the house much at all?

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I'm just over 30 weeks now, and most days i cannot leave the house. I have skinny legs and ankles and they cannot handle the belly. Not to mention, the belly itself, which i can't imagine how it is going to get bigger than it already is. Plus i have anemia so i am weak and tired and dizzy and at times find it difficult to breathe. I'm also not sleeping as well, and I'm depressed. The worst part of it all is that i can't take my DD to the park anymore and i feel like i am being robbed of summertime fun with her, not to mention our last few months her being our only child. This devastates me.


Anyone commiserate? I'm just a ball of pain/uncomfortableness/tears.


Oh and did i mention the never ending heat wave?


Thanks for listening to my pathetic state.

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Hugs hug2.gif. Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I can't leave the house much either. If I walk too much or carry my toddler for too long, my pubic symphysis pain is awful and leaves me hobbling the next day. It sucks. There's so much that I'd rather be doing than sitting around at home. The heat wave is really getting to me too. 

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I can commiserate greensad.gif

My belly and back hurt a lot, and most nights I only get a couple hours of sleep. Even though I'm taking iron supplements I still get very lightheaded and breathless even just taking one flight of stairs, and the heat is AWFUL. I can make it to the grocery store but by the time I leave the pain is excruciating. I force myself some nights to walk around the block with SO, but it's really hard. I've made a couple of trips to the pool- can you do that? Maybe with a friend who can help both you and your little one?

It really does suck and sometimes it feels like I'm losing it. At least we don't have too much longer to go?
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I'm so sorry that things are so miserable for you! I can absolutely commiserate on the heat wave... since summer hit (right at June 20th here!) it has been at least 95*... half those days even100*+ (one at 106* :/ ). We have no A/C. Lately, it hasn't even been cooling down. For the past week, even at midnight, it's been 80*+. I can't sleep in that heat greensad.gif

But, aside from no sleep and grumpiness that ensues, I feel great physically. Yesterday to escape the heat we headed up to a lake in the mountains where it was a beautiful 67*! Pure bliss!!! We hiked all around and the girls waded in the lake and we had a picnic lunch and loved every minute!! Then we had to come back to town where it was 30* hotter and I just wanted to cry.
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*hugs* to you!  I can totally sympathize.  I want to get out and lord knows my kids NEED to get out, but it seems like after a half hour of being on my feet I just want to lay down and never get up.  And the heat is totally insane.  The most I can do most days is to bring everyone into the backyard and get the kiddy pool/sprinklers going while I sit down and supervise.  I also feel really guilty about not taking my toddlers out on walks and to the park, which they love!  Maybe you can ask your DH or someone to bring them so they get the outings and fresh air and you can rest? 

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I'm definitely hitting the can't stand up for too long phase. w/ my last, I was in tears one day at his play center, we'd only been there 10 minutes and I wanted to lay down on the mat!


for the anemia are you taking something? floradix iron or something like that? if you can get your iron up some that might at least make you feel better when doing simple things, like going to the bathroom

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Ah ladies, thank you ever so much for sharing and helping me to feel so much less alone. Sorry you are all suffering, too!


I am taking Floradix, yes. Waiting on blood test results to see if i should take an extra dose or not. Just discovered my bathing suit fits (one of those lands end 2 piece with ruched sides), albeit tight and it kind of hurts after too long, but now maybe i can take a dip in the lake on the days i feel like i can walk to the beach! Going to try this evening.

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water was my saving grace last pg...we swam (well I floated on swim noodles) and my hubby and oldest swam. I also did TONS of baths w/ my oldest, got her new bath toys, etc so we could just veg in there b/c it was almost every night I needed it. I think they should make pg water mattress w/ a hole for  a belly!

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I've definitely noticed a difference in my comfort levels. I can't walk as far or as fast, and the lack of stairs in my daily routine is evident every time I do have to climb some. I still try to leave the house for a few hours every day, but I've never been so glad to live in a city where you have to drive everywhere. After walking around one store for a while it's nice to get to sit in my car for a little bit before my next stop! I just don't know how those of you still working or with other children (or both!) are keeping up! You guys are total superheroes!

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I just hit 31 weeks and I think this will be my last week at work (I'm a massage therapist).  If I bend over at all for any length of time I get awful acid reflux.  I'm averaging 3 hours of sleep per night, generally from 10 p.m. until 1 a.m., then it's tossing and turning until dawn.  It's uncomfortable for me to lay down or sit upright because in either position I can't breathe well.  Even sitting in the car on the ride to work takes my breath away.  Walking feels best, but is unreasonable for me to do ALL the time.  Last weekend I sneezed while out shopping with hubby and immediately grabbed my belly murmuring "Oh, no."  Lovely hubby announces, "DID YOU JUST PEE?!!"  That's what I get for clueing him in on "snissing".  Considering I still have more to grow, I can't even begin to imagine how much more uncomfortable things will get.  "Morning sickness" has also returned.  The other day I was having a warm soak in the tub to alleviate some low back pain, likely all the shifting around (that whole sitting upright = not being able to breath thing) triggered it, because I soon found myself hanging out of the tub and over the toilet.  Also another reason why I think it's time to pull out of work.  It comes on so suddenly I'm afraid of upchucking on someone on the table.  :(  The heat wave makes leaving the house unbearable.  I've gotten sick alone from being outside in 100+ heat for too long.


To sum it up, yup!  I have a difficult time getting motivated to go outdoors.  In fact, the first thing I do when I get inside is take off all of my clothes.  Hubby commented that he feels like he's looking at National Geographic when he sees me these days.  WOW.  lol

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