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Help with my 10 yr old!!!

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I know this is a forum for single parents, but I found this forum while searching google on giving up rights to a child. Please don't judge me, lest you be judged first. My wife and I got custody of my 10 yr old 5 yrs ago. We also have a 4 yr old of our own. My oldest just came back from visiting his "birth giver" for summer. I use that term for because she does not pay child support nor holds down a job long enough for them to start deducting it. My son has been showing increasing signs of disobedience, regardless of punishment. He steadily insists on going back to live with his birth mother. She can't hold down a job, does drugs, and has a boyfriend who fathered another che of hers that is always in and out of their lives. My son has become increasingly more abusive(physically and verbally) towards our 4 yr old and I'm in fear for my 4 yr old as he's starting to pick up this aggressiveness as well. We've tried counseling, punishment(a-z and everything else) and nothing seems to be helping! Anyone else have this problem??? I could use some good advice before I do something drastic like sending him to live with her again. Right now, that seems to be the only option in order to provide the safety and well being of my 4 yr old. Thanks
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can you document this drug use and abuse? I think you need to think carefully about the situation. Your oldest is still in need of a stable parental home. It is very saddening that he is taking out his frustrations on your 4 year old and it must be hard making a decision like that. But honestly I would be trying to establish supervised visitation for your 10 year old rather than giving him up.

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Counceling and therapy sound like they are a must. Is he on any anti anxiety/depression meds? There is a special needs forum here where you might be able to gather some really helpful advice.

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