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Felix Llewellyn

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I don't post here too much but been reading all the stories so I thought I'd share ours

I've had a previous very difficult homebirth so we decided to have this baby at the hospital with our midwives. On friday I started having pains. It wasn't contractions really but lower back and pubic bon pain. By saturday night I couldn't really cope with it anymore. It wasn't like contractions because I literally had no break from the pain. On sunday morning I had an ultrasound scheduled for being a week overdue. Me and dh decided to ask for an induction as at that point I wasn't coping well anymore and the labour wasn't picking up at all.

So.. The midwives weren't too happy but agreed. However upon exam it was found that I was already dilated a bit. I was admitted and felt relief at it being over soon (or so I thought). Since I had requested an epidural before the induction I had to wait 7 hours. During that time I had dialted to 5 cm and my water broke. When I got the epidural the nurse examined me and found the baby to be in a face forward position and called the ob on call. They all checked again and conferred as to what to do next. Decided to give me pitocin to speed up the contractions which were still quite weak. So that took several hours. At one point the epidural stopped working and I panicked knowing that pushing was going to be difficult. They fixed it though. After a short nap I was fully dialted and it was time to push

The whole team assembled (my 2 midwives, the ob and about 4 nurses. Also 2 pedeatricians). While they coached me through pushing, the ob was trying to turn the baby's head into a more favourable position. After a grueling hour or my body being twisted into a pretzel by the staff, and just one push before the ob was going to give up and go for the cesearean, he came out! Thank goodness for the epidural. He came out face first and with a true knot in his cord. I am very sore today but happy with the outcome and avoiding the cesearean. He was 9.6 lbs

We are home now and enjoying him. I am just glad its over smile.gif
I will add pic when I'm on my computer
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Congratulations, and definitely yay for avoiding a c/s! Can't wait to see pics. I love his name, too. I had my heart set on Llewelyn but DH did not like it greensad.gif
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Congratulations on your new LO! His name is so cute!
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Love the name Felix! Congrats!

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Congrats!  Glad he decided to come out without the c/s.

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