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New here and saying hello!

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I am a longtime Mothering lurker and finally decided to join the action! Wanted to introduce myself to you all. I am the mom to an extremely bright and precocious 22 month old girl named Ainsley and we are expecting our second girl on October 10. We've named her Harper and can't wait to meet her. I am a bit nervous about what life will be like with two children, and very nervous about how Ainsley will adjust, but I know that change is hard for everyone, and it will all adjust for the better. 


I am a working mom also (I work at Microsoft here in Seattle)-- although lately, 'working' primarily consists of planning my water birth and my daughter's second birthday party ;) My attention span has been just horrid the past few weeks. I blame it on the pregnancy hormones. Actually, I blame EVERYTHING on the pregnancy hormones. whistling.gif


Can't wait to get to know you all!

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Welcome smile.gif

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Welcome, Micro! We have the same due date but I don't know the gender. Happy planning!

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I wish I had the ability to keep gender a surprise... I have always wanted to, but alas, I am one of those people who has to open Christmas presents before Christmas :)

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Welcome! :-) I like the name Harper.



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Thanks Cindy! It was a recent decision. We had a horrible time picking a name this time around but I'm happy where we landed. :)

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So glad to have you~ I love the name Harper!!  My friend's 3 yr old has the same name too!!  Can't wait to learn more about you!!

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Thank you sillymom44, and likewise! So happy to be here...  it's so great to see moms truly supporting each other as they do on the Mothering forums. love.gif

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Welcome! I remember how happy I was to find a "home" here on Mothering. I can't tell you all the valuable info and support I've received (and hopefully shared) here. We have a 4yo DD and are welcoming our second in early October also. I, too, am a little nervous about changing our family dynamic, but, hey- it went great the first time. My little girl and I were having some really sweet snuggle time this morning (pretty typical), and I started thinking about where this little baby is going to fit into that picture and worrying that it may be a tough adjustment for her, at first. If this baby is a fan of the boobies anywhere near as much as she was, I'll be pretty physically limited for a while.

Anyway... welcome again!

-Leigh Ann :)

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Thanks Leigh Anne! I know what you mean about wondering how the new one will fit into the picture. My daughter was such a cuddle bug last night and this morning, and I had the exact same thought. Part of me is even sort of sad about the change (as excited as I am about the new baby). Such a strange mix of emotions!

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