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Red splotchy upper arms

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Hoping this is the right spot for this!


I have had red splotchy skin on my upper arms for at least 4 years, that's as long as i can remember and it may have been there before without me noticing it. I am looking for some solution to cure the redness. I am very self conscious and rarely wear sleave-less shirts because of it. 

the skin is mostly flat with some very small bumps that almost look like uneven skin. it does not itch, but if i begin scratching it, it feels good to continue. i noticed that it gets worse when i have more weight on, but that could just be because there is more surface area. I don't have this anywhere else.


looking for a natural solution first before i look into others. Any ideas? any experience with this?

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Is it in the creases or all over the arm? Can you post pictures?

What types of treatments have you tried? Do you have sensitive skin, eczema prone skin, or similar anywhere else?
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all over the arm. it is a bit difficult for me to post pictures right now but i might be able to work on it tomorrow. 


i dont have unusually sensitive skin, other than the occasional breakout on my face. I haven't ever had eczema, and i don't have this anywhere else on my body. 

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