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Post-partum Bleeding Question

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So, it's been three weeks and three days since I gave birth and I'm still bleeding. I came across an article while nak and read that if you're bleeding RED after a week you need to contact your health provider immediately. I'm still pretty red, though it's slowed down a lot and sometimes I can go almost all day without seeing anything, then I'll bleed a little and it'll last for a few hours, then stop again, etc. So, it's slowing down, but the colour hasn't seemed to change a lot. I smell just fine -- the smell reminds me of a mixture between my regular period smell and the smell of... semen (strangely enough.. haha). So, the scent isn't like roses, but definitely nothing too foul. And I feel just fine otherwise... Is this normal? I recall bleeding for at least a month with my daughter, but it was six years ago, so my memory may be a little fuzzy. I guess I'm not in the mood to get an infection, so I might be a little paranoid, but it just seems that before I bled similarly, but then I read otherwise and it's confusing me! 

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I don't know... I know that I was definitely still bleeding red after just one week, and I also remember that I was still bleeding 3 weeks after my babies. If it's getting lighter/lower flow, I think that's the most important thing. I do know that if it seems to pick up, that probably means that you're doing too much and that you need to take it a little easier.

What you're describing here sounds normal to me, but I'd definitely at least call your health care provider if you're concerned.
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I wouldn't be worried about a medical problem from that exactly. But it could be a sign you are doing too much. Until the bleeding slows way down like the last day of your period you really shouldn't be moving around too much, just sit/lay down at home and care for your baby for the most part, even now 3 weeks out if you're sometimes bleeding that much.

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I bled for around 2 weeks with some breakthrough bleeding for another week. I was a little concerned and called my midwife and she said that I needed to rest more and take it easy. She also advised no lifting heavier than my baby for 4 weeks. I would call my healthcare provider just to be sure but it sounds like you're normal.

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