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Coping with queasiness

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Hi everyone - this is the first time I've posted, and first time I've participated in a mothering group (though I blog sometimes for mothering, which has been great). This is my third baby and the fatigue and queasiness this time around seem worse than ever...so I'm on a quest for natural ways to ease the ickiness. So far the best advice I've gotten is to not eat and drink at the same time. This has really helped so much. What about you...?

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make sure you get protein.


small, frequent snacks....


"clean", non-greasy foods.



I'm sure that is nothing new, but it is what has worked for me.

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I've found drinking sparkling water has helped settled my stomach, but I have struggled with this much more this pregnancy than any of my other pregnancies.

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I am dealing with what I call a low-level "ughhh" feeling (not heading for the toilet, but sort of a constant sense of unease and slight queasiness) and I found out today that if I don't eat often enough then I end up feeling rotten... but what is strange is I do not feel at all like I need to vomit or anything.


I am actually trying to track how I'm feeling, so I'm not using them right now, but I have found that Sea Bands do really help me. But I actually want to know that I am feeling a bit sick (for reassurance). But if I actually felt like 20% worse than I do I would probably be wearing them regularly.

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Yes, the "low level ughhhh."  Perfect description, haha.  

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I felt worst with my third, honestly.  Now, with #4, I feel a lot better, very little sickness at all.  First time I've felt this good.  So what I did differently:


*Took a liquid herbal multivitamin (B vitamin and magnesium deficiencies can lead to sickness)

*Take magnesium foot baths 2 - 3x a week

*Drink red raspberry leaf tea when I feel I need it (a few times a week)

*Eat regular meals

*Skip the sugar (at least most of the time)

*Take probiotics/drink probiotic beverages

*Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables


I am EXHAUSTED and have other symptoms but not nausea, this time.  Not 'normal' for me.  I definitely think the above has made a difference.

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Magnesium foot baths sound wonderful... details? (like where do you get the magnesium, how much, etc...)


I need to start taking cal/mag, I'd like to avoid the nightly charley horse cramps that I tend to get later. I am pretty sure I am getting enough B vitamins via diet/prenatal and I think it probably does help. My prenatal does not have iron which is helping, though I am open to taking floradix if I am anemic (and probably will as a precaution even if I'm not.)

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Eating overnight helps me start the day off on a better foot.

One of the many times I get up to pee, I eat a small protein before going back to bed.

A scoop of peanut butter, non dairy yogurt, a souple bites of protein bar, etc

Last pregnancy this made all the differnce and I've started it earlier with this pregnancy.

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I had hyperemesis (was constantly puking every day multiple times) with my first pregnancy for several months, so I feel your pain.  I'm fortunate that *knock on wood* I've not had any nausea yet, but I just got my BFP today LOL.  So, I'm kind of subbing here to get some "prevention" tips.  I don't have much advice to offer myself since nothing seemed to help, except the small, frequent snacks/meals thing.  I think part of the problem for me was my blood sugar dropping from having too much time in between meals, but I'm not sure.  It was so bad for me that I couldn't even keep Zofran (prescription) down, and I was desperate (normally don't take medications unless I HAVE to).  

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I don't normally drink juice, but I have found that drinking juice helps me with the queasiness. Maybe because all food seems disgusting right now. Fizzy water helps too. I hope you (and we all) feel better. 

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Magnesium chloride flakes are good -- I found some at my local health food store.  I use about 1/2 c. in the the foot bath.  You can also mix 1 c. flakes with 1 c. warm water and spray some of this on your skin, if you're likely to be deficient.


I got enough iron in my last pregnancy (first time I wasn't anemic at 28 weeks) by eating lots of grass-fed beef.  In the pregnancy before that, I was anemic, and supplemented with spirulina to get my iron up.  Much easier on the tummy than most forms of iron. :)


Real homemade chicken or beef stock is a great source of cal/mag.


When I was sick, drinking lemon water (no sugar) helped me feel better, and I carried peppermint candies with me to suck on while out.

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I've had some queasiness but no major morning sickness. My sense of smell is so intensified these days. Food just doesn't sound good at all. My DH has been so sweet and keeps making sure I'm eating healthy (small) meals and healthy snacks or I probably wouldn't be eating much at all.


I agree with several others here about eating small meals more frequently and that some women find relief by taking Vitamin B6 supplements or ginger and that it's important to make sure that you're hydrated. I take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (with the mother) with a little water every morning and think this helps too. 


Ktietje85: I've wanted to drink some pregnancy tea I have with Red Raspberry leaf but read from several different online resources about avoiding it in the first trimester so have been hesitant to drink it... Have you heard anything about this? My ND/midwife recommends it in the last trimester.


I believe in the power of herbs and have several reference books by wisewomen who swear by Raspberry Leaf tea before and throughout the entire pregnancy. I'm just concerned since it's my first. Definitely plan to take it in my 2nd and 3rd trimesters though.


For those unfamiliar with Red Raspberry leaf, it is a powerful uterine tonic, rich in many vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, Vitamins B, C and E. It also aids in cleansing the afterbirth from the system and is used to enrich and increase the flow of milk (quoted from Rosemary Gladstar).


Susan S. Weed mentions that some pregnant women alternate one week of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea with one week of Nettle tea throughout their pregnancy. Some  Nettle infusion benefits: diminishing pain during and after birth, preventing hemorrhage after birth and increases the richness and amount of breast milk.


Sorry for the long post and maybe going off-topic a bit... I just love herbals and wanted to share with others who might also have an interest. namaste.gif

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If you have a history of miscarriage or hormonal sensitivity, you might want to hold off on red raspberry leaf.  Most women, though, can drink it without issue and it can help tone the uterus throughout pregnancy, as well as being nourishing and having a positive effect on morning sickness.  Try mixing with nettle and oatstraw.

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What everyone else said:


Small frequent "snacks" (anything as large as a "meal" makes me sick)

eating in the middle of the night

fizzy drinks



And if all else fails, sucking on Lemonheads.

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Thanks for your input, that makes sense. All of this conflicting information can get so confusing! I believe in red raspberry leafs benefits and definitely plan to drink it later in my pregnancy and will try it with nettle and oatstraw as you suggested. This is my first try and first pregnancy, so just being overly cautious I guess. 

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Switching my prenatal!!  I started a different prenatal shortly after getting my BFP and had been sick ever since.  I decided to switch back to the original one - MUCH less nausea.  I've also been eating some crackers before I get up in the morning- ideally before I lift my head off the pillow and drinking lemon/ginger tea with fresh ginger in it. 

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I've been using crystallized ginger- nibbling little bits here and there... sucking on ginger candies... and adding a little bit of lemonade to my water. It seems to keep it at bay- or at least tolerable. Small frequent snacks, too. I usually have a smoothie with hemp protein added in the morning, and I think having that much protein on my stomach helps too! It sticks with me until late morning when I have a snack and then lunch is right around the corner.

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Thanks for the advice, ladies. All day nausea has been in effect since Friday, a little more and sooner than last time.  I remember (too late) this morning that oj does not sit well with me when pregnant. Almost totally upchucked. So, with your advice, I have stocked up: ginger tea, preggie pops, sea bands, soup, nuts, greek yogurt, protein bars, diet squirt. So nervous about teaching an extra class this week! I'll be teaching from 9-noon and 1-4 Mon. - Thursday. Must make it through!!!

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The nausea just came with a vengeance this time. I was up last night throwing up, first thing this morning.. And then slept the day away.

The raw prenatal has ginger but.. Who knows how much that is really doing.
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'Queasiness' is the understatement of the year for me. When it hits, nothing works. Cracking sunflower seeds helps while I'm doing it but afterwards leaves me with a gnawing feeling in my tummy- horrid. I'm so desperate I started taking Navidoxine which is b6 and meclizine (an antihistamine). It takes the edge off things but I'm not sure if it's worth the risk. Anyone else?
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