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Hello my daughter Sarah has microcephaly.  When Sarah was born her head circumference was in the 20th percintile,

as time passed her head circumference decreased as well.  Sarah started crawling at two years old and started walking finally at 2.5 years old.  Originally she was dx with autism, which is a diagnosis that I struggle with because it is so broad, and many children who have any developmental delay can be "categorized" with this diagnosis.  Sarah's neurlogist Dx her with static encephalopathy last year, when Sarah was 3.5 years old.  Sarah is getting nearly 30 hours of ABA therapy, which is a treatment for autisim, however has been helpful for her delays as well  Sarah is very sociable, she makes good eye contact now, however at the age of 2.5 she wouldn't even look your direction when her name was called.

We have come a long ways and know that there is a long road still ahead of us.  I live in Ofallon missouri and hope to be able to connect with others who have a child with microcephaly.  I would like to learn how they cope with this day in and day out.  My daughter is a very happy and free spirited little girl.  She is "normal appearing" as you may call it.  She has nearly 10 signs that we have been working on now for the past year and a half, working on potty, and is mastering matching skills now.  She has the diagnosis apraxia, but I do forsee her being able to speak one day!!



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Welcome to MDC and the Special Needs Parenting forum.  I look forward to getting to know you!

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Welcome.gifIt's sounds like she is doing really well!

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