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Congratulations maymay! So good to hear from you. What is your baby girl's name????

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That is question for your care provider if you are unsure. If you feel physically ready then it's entirely up to you really. I would recommend protection if you do not want to get pregnant again. You can ovulate before the return of your menstrual cycle. 

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Health practitioners generally suggest that you wait 5-6 weeks (sometimes even more) after a vaginal delivery before you have sex.  They do a follow up appointment to make sure you are healed and then give you the go ahead.  When is your follow up scheduled for?  But as the PP said, it is mostly up to you if you feel ready (and have stopped bleeding, which would be a sign of still healing).

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maymay, do you have a doctor you trust?  A lot of these questions are too individual for us to help you with.  If you're feeling fine and sex didn't hurt, you're probably fine, but you really need a doctor to assess you to make sure you're healing well.  There are so many variables involved in pregnancy and birth that it's just not possible for us to tell you when you should or should not have sex.  I'm glad you used protection, however.  As previous posters have pointed out, you should have an appointment scheduled for roughly 6 weeks after birth.  Hopefully you can get some of your questions answered then.

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maymay, you could also ask one of our experts a question. Do you know about our experts?


Jennifer Karon-Flores is a naturopathic physician.


Linda Folden Palmer is a chiropractor.


Bob Sears is a pediatrician.


Good luck, hon.

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