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Low platelets

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Hi, I had low platelets at the end of my last pregnancy. Would this be a concern for UC? I'll definitely research how to keep them up this pregnancy, but just wondering if anyone had or heard of a similar problem.
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I don't have an answer for you but I'm bumping your post up for attention. 


Anyone? smile.gif

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YES that is a concern! Platelets help you clot. Less clotting=more bleeding. Sometimes extreme bleeding. Have you ever heard of HELLP syndrome? Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes, Low Platelets. Symptoms of it mimic many common complaints of pregnancy. Do you have any idea why your platelets were low? Was that the only abnormal lab?

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I have no idea why they were low, nothing else was abnormal. I was able to get them up by taking iron and liquid chlorophyll. Just wanted to add this in case anyone else was looking smile.gif
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Does low patelets mean the same as low hemoglobin? I have low iron/hemoglobin due to a genetic anemia, that can only be impacted so much by diet. However, in pregnancy iat the end my iron gets quite low.  So I take floravit/floraditx (herbal iron) which is very effective, as well as regular iron supplements.  this time around I've had difficulty tolerating the regular iron so my midwife recommended Feramax, which bypasses your stomach and gets absorbed very easily.  Its got a lot of iron in it but doesn't constipate.  I felt the difference within a few days.  I'm not sure if its available in the US yet, but maybe you can get something similar.  I tried calling some stores in the US since I live on a border town but they didn't have it.

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I wouldn't mess around with low platelets. I have a chronic platelet condition & it's no joke. The problem with low platelets in pregnancy is the antibodies that kill the platelets can cross the placenta so the baby can be born with extremely low platelets too which puts them at higher risk for bleeding (brain bleeds especially). Usually their platelets will stabilise at a normal level within a few weeks but it really isn't anything to mess around with. It also makes your chance of hemmorage way more likely. Be safe.
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Iron deficiency anemia is more commonly linked with high, not low, platelet count. It's a pretty complicated topic but story short, the response to a low platelet count is not to just give iron. It needs a detailed physical exam and more labwork. There is such a thing as mild thrombocytopenia of pregnancy, and that usually just resolves when the pregnancy is over.
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Just eating healthy food will not fix low platelet count.  Same for herbs. Low platelets may have many causes.  Also, everything is matter of degree.


You are in danger of bleeding. You need to see a doctors, have a blood test and in depth discussion.



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