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I totally win worst day ever.

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My Ds (2), whom we are potty training with the naked bum method pooped ON the kitchen table yesterday.

I turned my back for a second, and shazam. He climbed onto the table and pooped.

How is your days going friends? Any crazy toddler behaviour you'd like to get off your chest?
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Ahahahaha! This cracked me up!ROTFLMAO.gifSorry you had to deal with that mess. We've been doing  a some diaper-free time with DD (21 mos) as kind of a pre-potty-learning exercise, and DH is so freaked out by the accidents. He panics. The first time we took her diaper off he said, "But what if she pees?" I said, "Um, we clean it up?" I had a beloved dog who was incontinent in his old age so cleaning up messes doesn't bother me (although I think maybe cleaning poo off the kitchen table would be a different story). On the other hand, I gag whenever I have to scrape poo into the toilet off our CDs, but DH handles that like a champ. Go figure!

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LOL and I thought fishing the odd unlucky block out of a full potty was bad. We had twenty minutes of happy time on the potty with DD (15.5 months) playing block hockey. She'd scoot to the back of the potty and drop wooden blocks into the potty in front of her. I played goalie, and made most saves but a few snuck through. Oh, how she cackled regardless. Evidently she relaxed nicely because the last block made a splash, not a rattle lol.

Newest trick is playing captain. She climbs into a full laundry basket full of clean, neatly folded laundry (including diapers) and starts tossing out the contents. I kinda outsmarted her today by putting another basket right beside her to catch the evicted passengers ;-)

I think I will wait until 18 months to start real PL but being an EC kiddo, I hope she will pick it up easily. If not, I'll also be posting about unexpected places I'll have to clean up :-/
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Oh, surprise poop is the best. My only comparable story happened when DS2 was potty training and one fateful day I had 5 boys 4 an under over for a playdate. First, the older boys took apart our dehumidifier and shredded the filter all over the bedroom and in amongst the toys. While I was gathering clean-up supplies they also broke a lamp and the lightbulb shattered all over the room, again amongst the toys. I then put on a DVD, forbade any boys from coming into the bedroom so I could clean-up. When I had finished and felt like all was safe again, I emerge from the room to find droplets of poop all over the kitchen, leading to the living room. DS2 had left a trail of pain. That was the closest I've ever come to having a panic attack.

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How about Pooping IN THE TOWN SQUARE GAZEEBO! That was my worst poop day ever! I'd take my own kitchen any day!! LOL! 

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Omg. Town square gazebo. That is awesome yet horrible! You win the poop off for sure
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Hahaha! That was a day of EC gone wrong! We tried shorts with no underwear (works for lots of kids) nope! It just plopped right out of the shorts and he kept right on playing! I was horrified! Now we always have on underwear or training pants so if we do have an accident it doesn't just plop out right in the middle of "The Historic Woodstock Square"! HAHAHA! 

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DS was three or so and long sense potty trained. After a long, long walk back to our car carrying a sleeping DD he announced he had to poop right away!!!! So we used our abandoned halloween pumpkin trick or treat plastic shell.


I've never, ever left home without a car potty...

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