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SEATTLE - OBs who support natural birth and pediatricians who do delayed vax?

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I’m moving to Seattle next month! Ideally, I would have liked a homebirth or in a birth center. However, I’m at risk for preterm labor, so a practice group with OBs and midwives would make most sense. This way, I will be under OB care, and once I get to 37 weeks I can transfer to midwives and have a natural, no intervention birth.


Things that I most care about are:

–        freedom to labor in position of choice

–        supportive hospital environment for no interventions, no continuing monitoring, no pain meds unless requested

–        delayed cord clamping

–        immediate skin to skin; delaying baby checks for 1-2 hours, to allow bonding and latching/ nursing first; baby checks done in room with mom, not nursery


Other perks like waterbirth options would be good to have, but by no means required.

We’ll be in South Lake Union, so a close-by location would be preferred.


I’ll also take recommendations for pediatricians who are OK with a delayed/ selective vax schedule. Thank you!

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I don't know if they still do, but at one point there were a couple of midwives who had priviledges at the group health hospital in Seattle.  Names are slipping my mind now - but that may be a good option if you have a preterm birth - you can have a midwife in a hospital then.  They also do homebirths.  Hopefully someone with a better memory then me can chime in!

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Will you be in Seattle proper or in the area? If you're on the Eastside, Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland is bringing back their midwives after letting them go - they responded to protesting and had a town hall where they actually listened. It ended up being the best possible solution and a doula I know op there is really excited about it.

A great OB, Dr. Amy Dise, who assured my husband that homebirth is perfectly safe, practices at Evergreen.

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Thank you both for replying!


Kaydove, I'll be moving to Seattle proper, close to South Lake Union area (haven't found a place to live yet, now looking in Capitol Hill, Queen Anne Downtown and West Seattle).


Dahlia, I heard good things about Group Health, but am confused about their coop status - must you have their Group Health insurance to go there? Unfortunately, their insurance plan is not an option for us, we'll probably have Aetna.

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From what I remember if you used one of the two midwives (Cynthia Brown and Salley Avenson if I remember correctly) you didn't need to have GH insurance - they use it as a facility, much like a birth center.

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Thanks, Dahlia!


Does anyone have a recommendation for a good pediatrician?

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Cindie Brown is THE best midwife-- has hospital privileges but is totally supportive of natural birth. My labor was exceptionally long and although my water broke first and I labored for 36 hours afterwards with GBS+, she told the doctors at the hospital in no uncertain terms that we were going to let nature take its course, and unless there was imminent danger, would not be C-sec'ing. (Group Health is great like that-- only 11% of their births are C-secs versus other area hospitals.)


Pediatricians: Molly Gray at Village Wellness is great, as is Dr Hatha Gbedawo. Both are naturopaths.

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Oh one more thing (sorry for the double post)-- Swedish Children's has some ok peds who are ok with delayed or no vax, but they make you sign a waiver and hang it over your head every time you come in. Annoying, but a minor irritation (versus kicking you out of the practice.) Some docs are better there on this issue than others-- I like Dr Benci Franklin more than some others I've met there.

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Originally Posted by Chrisa View Post

Thanks, Dahlia!


Does anyone have a recommendation for a good pediatrician?


I'm way on the eastside, but I've found that naturopaths tend to be much more no vax friendly than peds.  I take myself and my kids to an ND.  You may want to look that direction if your insurance covers it.

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We see Dr. Chris Adams at One Sky Wellness and she is no vax/delay vax friendly.
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I second the rec for Molly Gray. She was our pediatrician until she moved to her new practice, and we really liked her. She's very knowledgeable about vaccines and supportive of parents' decisions. We haven't given any vax yet, and we never felt pressured.

Good luck with the move!
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Thank you all for your recommendations. Unfortunately Cindie Brown no longer has hospital privileges, but she's my backup if I make it to 37 weeks. Dr. Chris Adams doesn't take new patients, but Marcie Hamrick in the same practice sounds great, so she'll probably be our PCP. The practice recommended Luba Foltz for OB care - if anyone knows of her, I'd love your feedback.

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Hi Chrisa,

Sorry to reply so late to this (lots of crazy things have been coming up, but thankfully, all is OK with the LO, and the family).  Congrats on moving to Seattle!  


Was reading the thread in the October DDC and am so glad that you are still pregnant!  Hope that it stays that way for several more weeks!


In terms of prenatal/delivery/postpartum care: The place that I know of that has good midwife/OB collaboration is Northwest Hospital, which is now part of the the University of Washington system.  I know a couple of moms who have had VBACs there, and they are both very happy with their experience there.  It is a community hospital where CNMs work alongside OBs.  If you are looking for such a practice, I would highly recommend them.  Group Health is the other option, though I do believe that you need to have their insurance to go there.


Finally, If you are looking for delayed vax friendly family practitioner, I would definitely recommend a naturopath, as others have said.  We go to Ground Floor Health in Wallingford, where we see Dr. Christina Gutierrez.  She is super-smart and awesome, and we are very happy with her.  In fact, all the NDs in that office are great.  You can do a meet & greet with her, if you need to, just to gauge whether she is the right provider for you and your family.  

Hope this helps, Chrisa!

Let me know if you need any more info.  You can also PM me if you need to.


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Thanks Hansigurumi! Yes, I'm stubborn and determined to have this baby in Seattle. :)

The NW practice sounds great.


I don't know what happened, but hope all is well with you and your family!

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