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Starting a new life in Maryland

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Hi everyone,


I'm gracedoula and I'm looking to move from NYC to Maryland (preferably Towson) by the end of this year or even sooner depending upon when I find an apartment and employment. I'm currently a postpartum doula in training and looking to complete my certification asap. I also have experience in childcare.


I'm wondering if anyone has any leads or ideas regarding apartments and/or employment as I'm having a bit of difficulty making the leap. I'll be happy to answer any questions y'all may have. Thanks much for reading and any advice! :)



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Don't know Towson well, but where I am most of the apartment searches happen on Craigslist.


Exciting move!  Best wishes!

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Thanks, Gena! :)

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Do you have children or are you expecting? If so you should apply to join BaltAP (Baltimore attachment parenting group.) The ladies on there can help you find all the resources you need. A lot of them live in the Towson area.


Good luck! I'm not in MD anymore but lived in the area for 10 years. If you post details of what kind of jobs and apartments you're looking for, I'm sure someone here can point you in the right direction.
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Many thanks, artekah.


No, I don't have any children and am not expecting to. I'm really looking for any job to start off with. I have experience in customer service, retail, nannying and currently am a postpartum doula apprentice. The ideal situation would be if I could work at customer service (or a similar job) out of home (online work) but will take what I can find as long as it pays the bills.


I'm not particular regarding apartments as it just myself but currently am interested in the Towson area. An inexpensive studio would be fine and it could be long or short term.


I don't have a car yet but am planning to get one after I get situated but don't mind taking public transportaion at all so anything within walking distance to buses is perfectly fine.


If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!



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