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Does anyone else weigh a lot even though they "look thin"?

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This is a weird question, but I've always weighed a lot, even when I was really "fit". So, I'm 5'10 and I weigh about 173 right now but I wear a size 8. When I was pregnant, I gained 100 lbs!! and was 270. In 6 months, I worked hard to lose that weight, but I still have another 20 I'd like to lose. But, friends and family are telling me I look too thin, which is ridiculous, I'm at the top of the charts for recommended weight, so I just assume they've been around too many fat people. Which might be true, because most people in my family are overweight and even obese, so normal might look way too thin for them. I guess I just have never been accepting of how much I weigh, even when I know I'm healthy. I used to work out every day in the gym and run and I know I was fit, but I never got below 170 at that time in college. But, no one would ever think I weighed that much and I've never told my husband how much I weigh, because it just seems like so much. I know people who weigh the same as me, but they look overweight and unhealthy. So, I just don't know why my body can't go down to a "normal" weight. I'd like to be 150, which isn't even thin! Is there a point that your body just wants to be a certain weight and if you haven't ever been thinner, it just doesn't want to budge? Right now, I'm doing amazing with eating well and I've finally developed discipline in that area, so I feel really good and want to lose another 20 lbs and then be happy at that weight. Why am I so obsessed with a number? Probably because I've never met anyone who weighed as much as me, but who wasn't overweight.

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I am overweight right now and show it since I have over 100 lbs to loose. However, at 6ft tall I could easily carry 20 to 30 extra lbs and it not show at all. I also find that I have to loose an awful lot before it shows too.


At 6ft tall 180 was a very healthy weight for me. I would expect 170 at 5'10" to be equally so. If you are basing your goal/ideal weight on BMI be aware that the calculation starts to fall apart as an individual gets to the taller end of the spectrum.

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I suspect that being a size 8 and being 5'10", you do appear slender to others. I could tell you that you are fine, but I doubt that you would believe me.


My advice is to talk to your doctor. This is really about health. Your doctor can look at other numbers, like blood pressure and family risks, and help you determine what is a healthy weight For You.


Comparing yourself to others is a complete waste. You are 7 inches taller than me. That is a lot. You are taller than most women, you really can't compare your weight to other women.

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Calcium weighs a lot. I bet you have excellent bone structure and not at risk for future osteoporosis. And it registers as extra numbers on the scale. So don't measure yourself by an averaged out stupid number. Be healthy and happy.

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Please don't obsess with your weight, or even your BMI!  BMI does not take into account bone structure, how muscular you are, etc.  And weight also does not.


I am tall also (at 5'9") and weighed 165lbs at the peak of my fitness before getting pregnant with DS.  I was lifting weights about 4 times per week, and doing intense cardio another 3 times or so per week.  I was muscular, slim and looked "tight" if that makes sense, but was still heavy.  Now, I weight 10lbs less and am slimmer, but not healthier, and I am definetely not as muscular!/tight!


I think that 170 does not sound "overweight" at all for someone your height, and in fact you sound healthy!  I totally understand how you feel.  I hate weighing myself (and rarely do so) and I have to really try hard not to obsess about how much I weigh and how heavy I am.  Big hug mama.  hug2.gif

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I'm your height.  I was 168 before i got pregnant.  Once in my teens i was 144 and my periods stopped.  So to me 168 (at which i was a UK size 14) is very healthy.

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I would look at bodyfat percentage (on a scale that can measure that) instead of pounds. I'm 6' and just reached 170 recently. I've been there before but never with this much muscle, so my old clothes are falling off even though they fit at 170 before when I was carrying more "fluffy" fat.

It's hard to decide an ideal weight at our height! A few days ago I googled what healthy bodyfat percentages were and looked for corresponding images and that was helpful for me to decide my goal. For me it's not about dropping x amount of pounds, but rather toning muscle to shave off another 1-2% body fat.
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You know, it's funny because I was thinking the same thing of myself. But I do NOT look slender or have family telling me so. I'm 5"5' and currently 220# which is HUGE and I have at least 50 pounds to lose. Yet I am wearing a size 16 in some brands and am a 36D bra. I was a 36 before baby at 170#. I'm very confused by that. I think post-baby my body really changed. I think breastfeeding my toddler still is why I can't drop any substantial weight. I eat whole foods now and am almost strictly paleo-- I think my composition is changing but never think I look that different. I've had friends and family tell me I "look great" and I don't think they are all saying that to be nice!


It's hard to know how to measure isn't? Body fat calculators online are grossly inaccurate. The only way to really know is to take BEFORE and AFTER photos. Or body measurements? I'm not sure... but like you, I think we both hold our weight well. I always have. When I was my lowest weight to date, I was at the MAX for the BMI charts at Weight Watchers but had all my leaders tell me I looked very skinny and shouldn't lose any more! Weird right?

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So I am 47 and delivered my 4th boy at age 44! I was probably 170 whenI got pregnant and was pleasantly surprised when I found out I was pg! I delivered at 216 lbs and nursed my son until 21/2....really, just to prolong the onset of my period again! No period for those 21/2 years! I stopped nursing him in Nov 2011, started jazzercise and lost 35 lbs in 5 months..no diets just jazzercise. It is now July and I am down 48 lbs. Here is the weird thing I am 172, my doctor said I lost 8 lbs last month....I'm still 5'6 168 and dropped 2 pant sizes in one month. I am preparing to become an instructor and find it frustrating not to just be able to drop the weight...ugh. My husband keeps reminding me that I am now replacing fat with muscle? Regarding nursing and losing weight...I nursed all 4 boys and I definitely was not one of those who breastfed and lost weight. I could never lose weight until I stopped nursing!
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Didn't read through all PPs, so forgive me if I repeat. I think the best thing is to look at yourself, not the numbers. I weigh about 155-160 lbs and I'm 5'11", light to medium build with a 34" inseam, size 8. When I look in the mirror, I see more extra belly fat and thicker arms than I'd like, but I'm at a pretty healthy weight. I'd like to lose about 5-10 lbs. I don't exercise now and I think that's what's holding me back. I went from 140 to 190 in my pregnancy. 140 lbs was really too thin. I was always wanting to be 135 lbs and I've totally given up that unhealthy goal. My weight has always sounded a lot more than other women I know. My sister is a heavier build than me though (thicker wrists, waist, and legs), but the same height and her ideal weight is about 170 lbs. I think bone structure and muscle mass have a lot to do with it. 

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At 5'4" and a size 6/S, most people guess I weight between 120-130.... I weight 160 on a good day :P 


I would ignore BMI at all costs, and go get hydrostatic body fat testing - I try to keep my % around 18-22, and that is very healthy. My BMI says I'm overweight!


It really is all about overall health, not a # on a scale or even how you look to others. I used to weigh 265lbs, and had some folks say I had 130lbs to lose, but when I got down to 200, they said I should stop, I was thin enough! No one is objective enough to guess your body fat %, so just go get tested :)

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Hi hippymama25.   I'm a university health researcher and have done a lot of work on obesity.  We all get distressed with the scale from time to time, and it is only encouraged by our fat-focused society.  But the more I've learned, the more I realize that what is important is not weight or BMI (which might be helpful for demographics, but not individuals), but your health!  And that means, above all, feeling well, both physically and mentally.  I agree with the posters who suggest talking to a supportive HCP.  The actual number on the scale is fairly meaningless when it comes to your overall physiological fitness, strength, endurance, etc.  Your body is beautiful and its yours to take care of. It's not easy, but don't let our society's obsession with weight loss cost you your emotional health! hug2.gif

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I have the opposite problem. I am 5'5" and weigh 110 lbs and look fat. I started working out this year and am not so jiggly and am more fit, but I still look chubby!
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Yeah it sometimes happen with me.

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Muscle weighs more than fat, and bone weighs more than muscle. Use other indicators to determine your physical condition, not just weight.
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I have the same experience - I'm 5'7" and 175 lbs - no one would guess - I do lift and I am large boned - I wear wide shoes and man sized gloves, etc....

I feel it's a bonus and don't mind :)  I would look gaunt at 150 - I'd be pleased to be 160.  

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Everyone else said it- your weight and height seem very appropriate to me.  And even though I agree that we shouldn't go by the bmi charts, or charts in general, for the individual, 1730 at 5'10'' actually IS considered normal on the bmi charts.  So even WITH that, you are fine.  ;-)


I'm short 5'3, and curvy, with a lean upper body.  at a size 4 I can still hold 140 lbs or more, people always think I weigh less than I do.

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I'm 5'10" and have 155lbs of lean body mass. That cuts out over half of the recommended weight range for me and leaves the rest of it with me being sickly looking if I weighed that. Based on past experience I believe I feel and look my best around 180-190lbs. I struggled to lose weight after DD1 but found out at the beginning of this pregnancy with DD2 that I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which explained a lot of my struggles. So now I'm 20 weeks+ and have gained maybe 5lbs. I'm anxious to see what happens after DD2 is born because I eat paleo and do crossfit so that mixed with my thyroid hormones should do wonders. 


I recommend you find a place that does legit body mass testing and find out what you have. You might have an answer as to why you can't seem to get below 170 right there. 

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