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Poll: How many months post-partum before AF's return?

Poll Results: How many months post-partum before AF's return?

  • 26% (13)
    0 - 6 months
  • 20% (10)
    7 - 12 months
  • 40% (20)
    13 - 18 months
  • 10% (5)
    19 - 24 months
  • 2% (1)
    25 months and beyond
49 Total Votes  
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I'm just wondering what to expect in my case and was hoping you ladies would take a second to answer my poll. Thank you!


Also, could you mention what changes occurred in breastfeeding that seemed to bring on menstruation?


(duplicate posted in Breastfeeding forum)

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I don't remember any changes to breastfeeding coinciding with my cycles returning. I was completely surprised because DD was still nursing so much!
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AF returned for me at 9 months for all 3 of my children. I didn't have any major changes, they all nursed a lot day and night, but I guess they were eating enough food to reduce their intake from me. 

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I only got 3 months with DD1, despite her nursing all the time.  I was disappointed; I had hoped for much longer.  DD2 is 2 weeks old.  We will see if I get any longer this time.  I am not holding my breath.

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My PP AF returned at 5 months, and my DS was nursing round the clock, bedsharing, and no solids. I was really surprised it came back so quickly! It was extremely irregular for many months, though...probably didn't get regular until he was maybe a year old.

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8 weeks, 8 weeks, 5 weeks.  guess im just not one of those lucky women that can EBF and not get their period

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voted for my 5th which was 15mo, oldest was only 6mo...have gone longer after each time but I'm not tandeming this time so we'll see.

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15 months the first time, 13 months the second. EBF'd both, co-slept, no solids, etc. We conceived DS2 on the day I decided (and told DH) that I was probably not going to get my cycle until DS1 weaned so we didn't have to be so worried about birth control, but it turned out I had ovulated :). Though I know women (like some PPs) that got AF back only after a couple of months despite nursing round-the-clock.

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14 months with my 1st. I'm 18 months pp with my second and still no AF. I'm tandeming. I'm also pretty close to ecologically breastfeeding. Here's some good info for you.



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Thank you everyone for your responses! This is helping me get a general idea of what to expect.


degagerw: that link is very helpful. While I had heard of LAM, I hadn't heard of ecological breastfeeding. Thank you!

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12 months with my first, but I quit BFing at 9.5 months. 15 months with my second - BF until 17.5 months. 13 months with my 3rd(most recent) and she weaned herself the same month - flat out refused it for 2-3 days, so I gave up.

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I returned to work when DS was 13 months, so he went from nursing during the day to going the stretch between 7:30am or so until I got home from work at 6pm (or sometimes until bedtime at 8pm) without nursing.  The stretch of time was what I needed.  PPAF returned about 1.5 months after I returned to work, so about 14.5 mos PP.

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I got my period back within a few weeks. eyesroll.gif

I had to return to work WAY too soon after DS was born, and pumping just isn't the same as breastfeeding.

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Fertility returned at
10 mos post #1
11 mos post #2
13 mos post #3
9 months (following a hospitalization for me, we kept nursing but my cycles were there
5 months after baby 5
5 months after baby 6
Not yet after baby 7, who is 9 months
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4-6 weeks for me I think, I didn't get a break except during pregnancy.. I was surprised, as I had read that breastfeeding would delay it. I exclusively breastfed for 6 months too, and he was a little porker (10 lbs) and nursed on demand a LOT around the clock! 

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14 months and one day exactly! she was still nursing constantly, including at night, so i was surprised but glad to get my period back.
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6 weeks with dd1 and dd2. My son, however is 10 months and no sign yet. Figures because we wanted another right away. I was random nursing dd2 and D's for 9 of his 10 months though. That apparently made a huge difference.
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17 months with DS - still nursing all day and night (but perhaps eating a few more solids, with just no real change in nursing).

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I nursed and was producing excessive amounts of milk so I was pupming constantly aswell. when it was time to leave the hospital after my DD was born, i needed a COOLER to store the milk in to transport it all home... yet mine came back right away, which sucked for me. i guess its just different for all women. you never really know what to expect
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That's exactly what happened to me too! I was surprised, since I expected it to wait until we started solids or night weaned.
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My PP AF returned at 5 months, and my DS was nursing round the clock, bedsharing, and no solids.
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