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Help! First time cloth diaper user

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Im looking to make some cloth diapers for my baby born in December but I have no ide what kind of fabric to use or elastic or nothing :( .  Can any of you ladies help me out please?!? Thanks!

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is there a particular type of diaper that you want?  all in one (AIO), pockets, prefolds/covers and then what type cotton/microfiber/hemp? 


There are a few websites online that you are able to purchase kits that pretty much have everything you would need to make diapers. I've seen  Cloth diaper supplies at Joann's (babyville line) and they are also available online as well  (joann's offers 40% off coupons if you sign up for the mail or email sales flyer).  There are tons of online free tutorials and a few patterns as well and I think i've seen a few links here on mdc for free patterns/tutorials. 


I think the best place to start would be to figure what type of CD you want to try or if you want to try a few different type and see what works best for your baby and you.  Here are a few places that sell kits and supplies but if you search *cloth diaper sewing kit* it will pull of tons of resources.





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