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Experiences with a hip spica cast?

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My 3yr old son was put into a hip spica cast last week after breaking his femur.  So far he's been doing okay, but I'm concerned about a couple of things and wondering if anyone out there had experience with their kids in a cast like this.


First off he is not eating much.  Before the cast he had a great appetite, now I can usually get him to eat only one full meal and he picks through out the day.

Also, he is not sleeping well at night.  He's up almost all night whining and crying, but half asleep and wont/can't tell me whats wrong.  Last night he complained of a stomachache and a headache.  Are those two things normal for a kid in a cast like this?


Anyone have any advice for me regarding helping him get through these next 6 weeks? Or helping me and my husband get through these next 6 weeks?  I also have a teething toddler I'm dealing with at night, and neither of them want Daddy so I'm up all night and already at my wits end!

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My almost 3 yo son broke his femur this past weekend and is also in a spica cast. We have been dealing with the same thing and I have a 14 mo old who nurses every 3 to 4 hours at night. Yesterday we finally spoke with the dr about how he wasn't sleeping (he was shaking and having body tremors everytime he would start to fall asleep) and the dr prescribed valium. I'm not a big fan of meds in general, but we stopped the hydrocodone plus acetaminaphin the night before (monday night) and started the valium last night and he slept from about 1030 to 530. Big, big improvement. I can just tell he's feeling better. He's still not eating much, but one thing they told me to think about is how active he was before and how he needed the energy. Since he is no longer active, he doesn't need as much energy or as much food, so just ensure what you're feeding him is super, super healty (which I'm sure it is). Hopefully that helps. If you want to talk more, please PM me. I joined to get support because of my son's spica cast so I would love to chat. Hope things start improving for you soon.

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This happened to my nephew. They did survive! Keeping him inactive was the hardest thing if I recall. I think these fractures are pretty common.
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I couldn't reply to the PM - not sure what is going on there; perhaps because I'm new.


I agree. My almost 3 yo was also having stomach ache issues due to the same thing, however he was saying that his bum hurt. He is not yet potty trained, so once we got the first one out, we were good to go - it just took a lot of encouragement to get it out. I also agree with the meds. We stopped the hydrocodone after we saw the terrible things it was doing to him, we just didn't know how much pain he was in or if it could be controlled by OTC meds. I'm not a big fan to begin with and hardly use meds (we had to buy some), but I don't want my little guy to be in pain. We've definitely tappered down to only one or two times a day and gave the diazapam again tonight because he just couldn't get settled. We really tried not to, but finally caved. My heart just breaks for them. I cried so much while we were in the ER and I just don't want him to be in pain anymore.


Can't wait until my little guy is up and moving again. We're not even a week out yet and I can already see a marked improvement, just not 100% yet. Right now my little guy is favoring daddy who has been home all week, but he goes back to work next week. I'm pretty nervous as I watch a few kids in my home during the week and my 14 mo is pretty clingy. Thank goodness for babywearing!


I hope you get some sleep soon too. I can't imagine being up with both. Thankfully our little guy has begun sleeping through the night again; not so much for the 14 mo. Did you guys get a special carseat? Ours took a few days and a trip in the ambulance to get fitted, but we finally got a Britax Hippo. He seems comfy and I know he's happy to be sitting up. We have only gone out once, but he enjoyed it.


Thank you for messaging me. It's wonderful to have someone in a similar situation to talk to about this. My friends are all so helpful and family too, but they have never gone through anything like this before. Thanks again and talk to you soon.



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