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What vitamins, supplements, herbs etc are you taking this pregnancy?

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I'm curious what everyone is taking this pregnancy. I do realize that there is no real "need" for supplements if you are eating right, but I choose to have extra safe guard. I have had loses and take some things as a precautionary under the advice of my midwife.

I'm taking a raw organic prenatal (Vitamin Code brand), extra folic acid (suggested due to loses), Sublingual B12 (mine can get too low), 1,000 mcg Calcium Citrate, magnesium, and fish oil (no mercury kind).

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Vitamins are still pretty gag-inducing for me, but when I start to feel better:

-Megafoods Blood Builder (iron and B12)

-New Chapter perfect prenatal

-fish oil-- probably Nordic Naturals

-Florajen3 probiotics

-RRL tea

-Megafoods B complex if I'm low on energy


Also planning to juice a lot of greens.

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rainbow light 'just one' prenatal

new chapter wholemega fish oil capsules

and i've also been supplementing my DHA with amerifit ovega-3 DHA EPA

a couple of times a week i take an additional nature made folic acid tablet. 

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Jamieson Natural Sources Prenatal Multivitamin


I don't like to take any unnecessary pills and I have a well-balanced diet with no health concerns, so I'm not interested in taking any more than that.

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Pre-pregnancy, was taking Deva Vegan multivitamin, B-complex, Vit D, Calcium/Mag, biotin, Ginko, Ginseng


Now: Got a HUGE bag of pre-natal vitamin samples including:

     Vitafol-One - all-in-one once daily softgel w/ DHA- took for 8 days, loved it, no nausea but is $$$$ and prescription only

     CitraNatal Harmony - also all-in-one, one pill/day, it's ok, kinda big, no nausea but $$$ and prescription only


Still have samples of:

     CitraNatal Assure - Rx prenatal vitamin pill PLUS 300 mg DHA Capsule (both are HUGE)

     CitraNatal 90DHA - prenatal plus iron plus stool softener and 300mg DHA capsule (both are HUGE)

     Select-OB+DHA -Berry flavored vitamin plus orange flavored 250mg DHA capsule (both are big and flavoring sounds yucky)


Honestly, this makes my head spin (and my stomach churn).confused.gif I don't know what to take. I would love any suggestions or feedback on the samples or advice. I am soooo easily nauseated, I can barely get down one pill a day. 


P.S. my OB thinks DHA is a lot of hype. I haven't done any research on it myself. Any thoughts?

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Because I'm mostly vegan (but still cool with fish oil) I think DHA is needed for me. If you eat meat and/or fish, I wouldn't bother :).

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I'm taking tons this time, since there are two and Im having a hard time eating enough.

I'm taking:
Rainbow light (just one) prenatal
RL Calcium
RL Iron
Fish oil (i cant remember the name, but it was on sale at whole foods)
Florajen3 probiotic

Its a mouthful.
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jean, if you're interested the ovega-3 DHA capsules are algae sourced/vegan.
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I was taking a cal/mag supplement, fish oil, a b-vit complex, and cranberry capsules because i tend to get UTIs if i don't take them... however, that all stopped around 6-7 weeks ..  I bought some gummy prenatals which are tasty but even those make me sicker .. i've gotten to where i can swallow pills again but i then i am miserable for the next 6-7 hours - I can't take them before bed because, #1 that is when my gag reflex is at its highest and i'm already feeling sick and #2 i'm up several times a night with DD2 so i  end up awake and feeling sick..  so. a few more weeks and i'll be back to it..

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My doctor prescribed me prenavite tablets, but they don't have supplement info so I can't see how much of each vitamin (or which vitamins) are in it....this bothers me. 

He also prescribed me Calcium, which i've never been prescribed for pregnancy before. and Iron, which I expected. 

I don't always take them, I'll be honest. As I said, I don't want to take too many vitamins and I don't even know how much of what is in the multi-vitamin! 


anyways, I am going to get my own prenatals, that have supplement facts. lol  

other than that, I don't know if i should even supplement, or with what?  

Like, *should* I be supplementing with DHA....what if it comes in my vitamins???  this is so confusing! haha 

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I'm taking the 3 a day Rainblow Light prenatals, but having a hard time taking them. I get that "sick" feeling afterwards.

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Doublefrick- welcome, and I hope this is what you are looking for
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Originally Posted by joyriders View Post

jean, if you're interested the ovega-3 DHA capsules are algae sourced/vegan.

Sweet, I'll look into them.

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JessNP - I never knew you could get prescription vitamins.  I'm really interested if you'd recommend any in particular since I have complete prescription coverage and otc prenatals can get kind of expensive if you get the good ones.  


I'm currently taking Rainbow Light Just Once Prenatal One Multivitamin, 150 tablets which I like.  I like the fact that it seems a lot more complete than more conventional brands, and it's one of the lower-cost "good" brands.  I'm also taking Carlson Labs Norwegian Natural Vitamin E Cod Liver Oil, Lightly Lemon, 1000mg,150 Softgels just one a day which isn't as much as many people recommend, but I eat pretty well and am just taking it as a back-up.  I take 2000 iu D3 too.  For morning sickness I'm taking NOW Foods Silymarin/Milk Thistle 300mg, 100 Vcaps (one a day), and 50 mg B6 twice a day.

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Originally Posted by Adaline'sMama View Post

Doublefrick- welcome, and I hope this is what you are looking for

wow, thanks! that IS just what I was looking for! :D 

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I had to go off everything for a few weeks but I had been taking the Rainbow Light prenatal multi since a few months before we got pregnant. I'm trying to get as much as I can from my diet which has been pretty good so far so I'm not too worried. Hopefully will be able to tolerate the multis again this week. 

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I've had really bad morning sickness, and swallowing supplements made me sick. I've been taking a gummy multivitamin, because at least I don't throw it up. I'd love to take something better, especially since the morning sickness has not been good for my diet either, but I figure it's better than nothing.

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I'm finally feeling well enough to take my full dose of vitamins.  I take:

Thorne prenatal vitamin (3 capsules a day, usually I only get in 2 but better than nothing)

Vitex (I was worried about my progesterone levels but never had it confirmed, so I'm taking a very low dose)

Nordic Naturals fish oil: two gel tabs a day (I think its 800 mg EPA and 450 mg DHA) I take this every day unless I eat fatty fish, Omega-3 eggs or walnuts

Emulsified vitamin D drops (I had a serum test and had low levels) 2000 IUs/day (honestly I forget this one a lot)

Sometimes I do a Magnesium tablet (500 mg) if I've been getting muscle cramps

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I'm taking

  • Rainbow Light Just One Prenatal
  • Rainbow Light DHA
  • CoQ10
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamin D
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*raw prenatals by Garden of Life (Omega?) 3 a day most days

*fermented cod liver oil every 2 or 3 days

*probiotics (PB8)

*iodine occasionally- i started taking this b/c my thyroid seemed a little low and since i've not eaten as much seafood lately as i would like, or iodized salt for many many years.


will probably add in some magnesium and zinc when I get more for my supplement budget, as the magnesium really helps me and b/c i've had a hard time getting enough zinc rich foods (re: seafood shortage).


prior to conception, was juicing veggies instead of supplements, and 99% of my foods come from a farm, so i'm not too worried about it all, but it is number 5 in a short space so i'm pretty dedicated to getting more than enough in there.  i prefer to get foods with lots of nutrients, but cannot always manage to get everything balanced.  8)

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