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VBA2C in East Texas

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I am a 30 year old mother of two. I had my first child at 23 (in 05), born via emergency cesarean at 28w2d. My water broke at 26w, and I spent the next two weeks and two days on bed rest in the hospital. The reason for the emergency cesarean was a deceleration of fetal heart rate. My daughter did well and is almost 7 years old with no problems. (Very blessed). I had my mind set on VBAC last time with my son, but due to lack of support at the last minute opted for another cesarean (stupid, I know). That was in September of 08, and here we are again pregnant, due in Jan 13. I knew going in that I would rather opt for a VBAC, the thought of a third cesarean is WAY scarier to me than the second was. I have seen two different doctors (after much research), but both have said that to stay in their practice it would be understood and agreed that I would have to have a cesarean prior to 40 weeks. I'm now awaiting my first appointment with a midwife clinic in Nacogdoches (East Texas) in August. I will be 17 weeks by then. Are there any suggestions for how I might go about things this appointment? Does anyone have any information on VBACs (even VBA2C) in East Texas? I have found a lot of information online from the United States that supports my choice to have a trial of labor after two cesareans, and I would like to go armed with information, I don't want to sound pigheaded about this and tick the practice off. I wouldn't decline a cesarean in the event of imminent danger to myself or the baby, but I would appreciate the chance to have a vaginal delivery. Any advice on VBAC would be helpful.

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As far as I know your best bet would probably be to travel to the DFW area and see Dr. Cummings.  He is "famous" in Texas for doing VBAMC.  I am from the East Texas area and I really doubt you would have much luck finding a provider there who would be open to it.  Is there an ICAN group near you?  They would definitely know if there are any others.  Good luck! 

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I contacted a ICAN member in the Houston area, but I'm not opposed to DFW if need be. My only concern would be if the doc would be okay with my living 150 miles away. I can always make the trip up as soon as I'm sure I'm in real labor, and just get a room or something with my husband while we wait out labor, but that would be one heck of a long ride in a vehicle in labor. I've had a couple of friends suggest Kingwood right north of Houston, but other than DFW or Houston, it's looking like home birth is the only option left. I do have an appointment in Nacogdoches for Aug with a midwife clinic there, and I have told them about my having had two previous cesareans, but that's still in the air. Looking into Texas Law on home births and for more info on ANY docs that are willing. Thanks for the suggestion. Any help is appreciated.

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Sure! I know lots of people travel to Dr. Cummings so I don't think the distance would be an issue.  Also, I am pretty sure that some women see a MW in their home town for prenatal care and then just travel to him for the delivery so they don't have to go there every month/week.  So that could be an option too. 

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Ok, so I've been talking it over with my husband, and he seems to be a lot more comfortable with Houston than Dallas as it is about an hour or so closer to us. My step daughter was born there at Memorial Hermann I believe. So I've been focusing my search on Houston. I had called the office of Dr. Pamela Berens yesterday, but while the first person I spoke with in the office seemed genuinely interested in helping, everyone else that I've spoken with in that office seems to be too busy to take the time to listen carefully....The last girl repeatedly forgot my name and spelling (which seemed to pretty much be the only thing she cared to hear) and wouldn't even give me a chance to explain that this was not the first time I had called, and that I had spoken with an "Amber" yesterday. Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled with their level of interest. I've been pouring over forums for the last week or so, and have heard mention of a Dr. Milner in Bay Town, and Dr. Davidson in Houston. After calling the wrong number, being referred to a different number which wasn't even where she practiced, and THAT office giving me ANOTHER wrong number, I finally called the Baylor College of Medicine Administration and got the correct number. Finally, I was able to speak with a lady who was helpful, but said that while they did accept my insurance and Dr. Davidson was very pro-VBAC, she would be out of the office till Monday (I kind of expected this with this being a Friday afternoon and all), and that they would have to verify that Lufkin was not too far away for me to be seen. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to hear some positive feedback Monday (probably afternoon) sometime. I guess we will see. On a positive note, Dr. Davidson is the head of Obstetrics at Ben Taub Hospital, and works closely with LBJ Hospital as well....These two hospitals have the HIGHEST VBAC rates in the state with both being between 27 and 28 percent. Hopefully we will hear something good Monday, and as I wish I could find more information in forums myself, I will keep updating so that when I finally AM successful in finding a doc, other people can benefit too. :)

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I'm not in Texas but your search sounds so much like my own!  I think I called five hospitals and spoke to four midwives at least.  :) My fav interview took place behind the locked baby floor doors, where I'd talked my way in to find out from the actual CPs on the floor what tehy do for VBACs (since its them, not necessarily your doctor, that will be caring for you when you show up).  


I'd seen so many people that when I went in for my ultrasound, they had the wrong doc listed for me.  I did not check out the seeing-homebirth-midwife-then-going-to-doc-for-labor option, but that sounds very smart given how far away you live from the hospitals.  

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It's been a difficult search. But I have not relented and I posted that I had found a Dr. Christina Davidson.....WELL....


The office called back and they WILL take me! YAY! I am waiting on another call today from the nurse manager to schedule my first appointment either for the 31st or the 7th. So happy. Yes, she's a little over 2 hours away, but although home birth was my plan B, I think I will be much more comfortable this way. I hope your search goes well. I've found that posting in forums definitely helps--as does getting in contact with your local ICAN chapter (internet search). I have also found a facebook group on VBAC and VBAMC (vbac love or something to that effect). All of it helps, but the page on FB has many links to useful information and might even be able to point you the way to some vbac friendly providers and so on. Good luck to you in your delivery and if you feel like it, I'm always open to news. :)

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Amy, that is great!  I hope you will keep posting updates and that everything goes wonderfully.  I know even people from around here might prefer to travel to the Houston area rather than the Dallas area to find someone since there isn't a VBAMC-friendly OB around here.

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AmyDL, did you have a VBA2C? I would love to hear an update from you. How are you and Baby doing?

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Any updates? I'm looking for a care provider in Houston.
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I can tentatively recommend Dr. Hector Del Castillo in Houston. He was recommended to me by people on this board back in 2010, and that was backed up by a midwife I know. At that time he seemed very supportive of a VBA2C, and I was happy with the way he handled my short pregnancy and miscarriage. After he diagnosed a possible blighted ovum, he suggested waiting and retesting in another week just in case, and laid out our options without any pushing. He was totally supportive of a natural miscarriage.

The only thing I don't like is that he does a routine internal ultrasound at your first appointment, before you even speak to him. Anyway, I'm going to be seeing him again next month for another attempt at that VBA2C.
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