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Home Birth, Birth Center, or Hospital: What type of birth are you planning and why?

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I'm planing a home birth this time.  I wanted one with my first baby, but our insurance covered hospital birth 100% then, and I thought using hospital Certified Nurse-Midwives would be good too.  I ended up having a traumatic induction at 42 weeks, and was just barely able to have a vaginal birth after 36 hours of labor.  I want to avoid having a hospital birth unless it's a life and death emergency, because I am terrified of a repeat of what happened last time.  I became a doula, and have seen some great hospital births, but I think my birth would have been better with a doula.  I have also seen a lot of lying to and bullying of clients by medical staff, and then of course there are all the standard procedures that you have to fight.  Ugh.  

I guess the main thing I'm worried about is having to be transferred to another care provider if I go past 42 weeks again.  Thankfully at least one of the midwives I'm interviewing takes into account your ovulation date and your cycle length instead of JUST your last period when calculating due date.  I'm pretty sure that if I had to be transferred, I'd still stay home as long as possible and maybe even have an "accidental" home birth.  Going to the hospital again would be my worst nightmare.  I'm absolutely petrified.

Anyway... where are you planning to give birth, and why?

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Hoping for a homebirth, but after calling our midwifery practice today, I was informed that our one part-time midwife isn't taking anyone for March... so I don't quite know what will happen yet.  We have no birth centre in the area, and I absolutely refuse to birth under an OB/GYN. So I guess we'll see :/

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Planning a birth center birth. I had a traumatic hospital birth with my first and refused to ever do it again. I would love a home birth, but we will be living with my MIL until after the baby is born. It would just be too stressful to have the baby at home if she is there.

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We're planning a UC. love.gif

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My first was an induction (for oligohydramnios) at 40+4 turned stat c-section for distress after 3+hours of pushing.  


I had a beautiful CNM-attended natural hospital VBAC with my second.  (I labored at home until 9.5 cm).  


I transferred care to an awesome CNM (who is also a CPM and WHNP) last summer when I was pregnant with #3 and began planning for a home waterbirth.  I lost that pregnancy at 12 weeks, and my midwife's care throughout the crazy and dramatic miscarriage/recovery was awesome (I hemorrhaged and lost 1/2 of my blood volume and needed multiple transfusions and surgery in the ER).  She was so loving and thoughtful and supportive to my whole family.  Even though I didn't get to birth with her, I am so glad that I had found her.  She was such a blessing through such a hard time.  I had a second miscarriage a few months later, and it was great to have someone I trusted and loved to take care of me again.  


So... I am thrilled to start care with her again for this baby!  (home birth / water birth).  She messaged me and told me that basically whatever I wanted to feel reassured, I could have.  I decided to go for an early ultrasound sometime next week.  


Getting excited to start hypnobabies again!  :)


(we have no birth center in our area, so its either birth at one of the 4 maternity hospitals or hire one of two local CNMs for homebirth.)

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This is will be my first birth EDD 3/18/13, so we are opting for a hospital. My doctor is young and cheery and sweet and we fit well together, I love her! If she is not available that day for whatever reason, I will request a midwife. The hospital has a long proud history of midwifes and there are several in her practice. I'll learn more about how they work together at my first appointment, Aug 10. I'm hoping I can learn alot and learn how to speak up for what I want durring the next 9 months!


Wild Doula -- Where did you get that counter, I totally want to steal it!! Also, what is UC? is that home birth?  I need to catch up with all this not infertility lingo!!

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Originally Posted by sekenamoon View Post
Wild Doula -- Where did you get that counter, I totally want to steal it!! Also, what is UC? is that home birth?  I need to catch up with all this not infertility lingo!!

I'm not wild doula, but UC stands for unassisted childbirth. That means she will be delivering the baby herself :)

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Wild doula- off topic, but I saw that you are a midwifery student. what program are you enrolled in?

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SSL in advance!


My first birth was in a hospital with an OB. I was only 17, and my mom, who was a Lamaze teacher, was there with me (she has attended 100's of births via her students). Thank God my DS was the 6th baby born that morning, so the OB was running around like crazy and really didn't have time to be a bee in my bonnet. He came into the room just in time to catch my DS. It was a good experience, I did it all natural, no IV for whatever reason, just my mom and I going through each contraction together. I am very thankful my mom was there, she is an amazing labor doula and very knowledgeable of the in's and out's of the labor and delivery in that hospital. I think that she kept me safe from the nurses and normal procedures.


My second and third were in a very small birthing center within a tiny country hospital (there wasn't and still isn't any CNM's that do home birth in that area, purely OB politics demon.gif The one CNM that was around when I was a teenager was run out like a witch from the OB's!) They're very well known for having a natural approach. And they were one of the first birthing centers... and the first to get a whirlpool for labor and delivery, at that time it was still unheard of! Oh my! Have a baby under water?? Won't they drown!!? Haha. I saw a team of four CNM's, I really liked them, and although my second birth was a nightmare due to pre-e and being given mag/sulf, I made it through, and had a wonderful 3rd birth at the same center and same midwife team. 


I have since moved from that area, and there are CNM's in this area that do HB. When DP and I started talking about having a baby, I decided I was definitely having this one at home. Everyone that knows me said the same thing "It's about time!", and DP says I can do whatever I want because I am the pro! haha... At our first meeting with the two midwives I want to go with, they said if I was pregnant with twins they wouldn't be able to do a HB (not sure why, anyone have any clues?), but I remember thinking later that night "Oh well! If I have to have twins UC than so be it!!" there is no way in hell I will have another hospital birth, not because of bad experiences, but because its time, and I know without a doubt that I could do it with just DP and my mom catching! Lord knows she would know exactly what to do!


So its a HB for me, with or without the CNM's! And I am going to do a water birth again, that was blissful with DS#3. 

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withlittlelungs is right about the UC. :) And I made the counter myself. :) Just put some stars and your numbers, then I used the "first trimester" smiley and I'll move it every week. thumb.gif


I'm enrolled in AAMI, and I dabble in Midwife To Be every now and then as well. I started in March and started my apprenticeship in May, so I'm fairly new.

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I'm glad someone else brought up UC first - if I can't get in with our nearest birth centre, I'll definitely be considering UC-ing :)

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Duh!  I feel dumb for forgetting to put UC as an option. duck.gif  Must be the pregnancy brain already.  :P   I would definitely consider a UC, but I know DH would never be comfortable with that.  It was hard enough for me to convince him to be on board with home birth.  Heck, with baby #1 he wasn't even sure about going to the CNMs instead of an OB.  LOL.  He has learned a lot since I became a doula.  ;)

I definitely respect everyone's choices for whatever reason.  I do get frustrated at friends of mine, though, when they make pregnancy and parenting decisions based on what everyone else tells them to do, instead of researching and following their instincts.  Obviously most people on this forum are good about making informed decisions, though.  :)

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My first baby I had in the car on the way to the hospital! My second baby I had at home with a CNM practice. My midwife was out of town, and her assistant (who is also a CNM but very new) came with a bunch of students I never met. She and I argued about checking me in labor, and they kind of stressed me out. I had a harder birth that time around than I did the first time. This time, I'm thinking about going with a CPM practice. I'm interested in unassisted birth, especially since my car birth ended up being my less stressful and easier birth, and I think that if Karen Strange did a neonatal resuscitation class near me before the baby came, I might think about it more seriously, but I think I would prefer someone who's very hands off instead of doing it alone given my knowledge and what I think I can reasonably take on with two little kids (and possibly our first year of homeschooling).


The homebirth CNM practice I used would let clients go past 42 weeks, but starting at 40 weeks(!) they started pressuring me to submit to non-stress tests. I would not routinely induce a baby based on postdates.

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This will be my 3rd baby. My first was at a freestanding birth center and my second was at home. This one will also be a home birth although it may be a UC..I have quick labors and my mw lives 1.5 hours away!
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We are planning a home birth.  It will be home birth #3.


My first was born in a hospital and even though everything was "fine," I was pushed into a number of unnecessary interventions.  No one supported me and I didn't understand what was happening so I came to the hospital terrified and in pain, making very slow progress.  They immediately started an IV.  Then they pushed having to break my water.  I asked for an epi because I was barely coping without my water breaking and had heard that made it worse.  Then my contractions "weren't strong enough" according to the monitors, so the doctor ordered pit. (She was not even at the hospital and she called a couple times and insisted on talking to me and telling me that I HAD to submit to her orders or I could just leave.)  My baby was handed to me for only a few seconds before being whisked across the room.  She wasn't returned to me for 45 minutes, and was completely wrapped up when she was.  I never had a chance to come to terms with becoming a mother or that this baby was mine in the immediate post-birth process.  And she (baby) looked so confused.  I thought this was normal....


But I refused to birth in a hospital again once I learned it wasn't (barring, obviously, complications).  My second and third were both born at home and it was NIGHT AND DAY different.  The midwives were so wonderfully supportive and respectful.  They spent the entire time I was in labor with #3 just sitting on the floor, silently (I wanted them quiet).  They gently used the Doppler a few times, always waiting for a contraction to finish before approaching me.  They never pushed anything, they never insisted upon anything.  Well, until I ran into the bathroom...and then because I was pushing they coaxed me onto a birthing stool instead!  My husband was right there with me and super involved.  He felt so much more connected to us than he did in the hospital.  He ran to get our other kid(s) as soon as the birth was complete, and they got to meet the baby immediately.  It was just so great.


So we're definitely planning another home birth!

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I've been really struggling with this question.


With our first, we had a wonderful, peaceful, relatively quick, (dare I say 'perfect'?) birth at a freestanding birth center. Five months later, the FSBC closed. The only options left in the area are a homebirth - which DH isn't entirely comfortable with, or the local Baby-Friendly hospital- which, while it gave us all the 'right answers' during the tour, most births there are midwife-attended, allows waterbirth, etc, doesn't overrule the fact that I hate hospitals. We're Bradley birthers, so I feel I need DH to be comfortable with where we are, rather than being stressed out.


I've resigned myself to the probability that we'll be in the hospital, but I feel like I'll be there totally unnecessarily, with the added risks and inconveniences of the hospital. We've seriously been discussing this decision for a year, since the FSBC closed, and haven't come to a conclusion. Ugh.

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I have had 1 hospital birth and 2 home births. This will be the third home birth. Our insurance does not pay any of it so it is entirely out of pocket, but worth it. My Hospital experience was not the worst I have heard, but was truly ridiculous! I was having contractions for 20 some odd hours before we were admitted, which was good, If I had been in the hospital any longer than I had been I am pretty certian we would have had a C-section. I was admitted at 5 or 6 cm and was already being pressured into an epidural and told I could not handle the rest of labor based on my behavior when we got there. Low and behold I was in transistion and pushing 20 minutes after we had signed in at the front desk and from there it was a blur, mostly me being yelled at to not push, then yelled at to push and get baby out NOW, then my DH being yelled at and threatened when we refused an epesiotomy by the nurses (no doctor present because it went so fast) then not getting to hold the baby at all, then the doctor finally showing up and tried giving me stitches even after I told him three times I was not numb, I finally had to kick him and that did not make him happy. It was a nightmare! DD1 and had a horrible time bonding and I had bad PPD. I will do a home birth at what ever expense it takes. If I did not have a choice and had to go to a hospital I would get a doula, no question.

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HopefulJo -- just wanted to throw it out there that I have birthed 3 babies in a hospital until the exclusive care of a midwife.  It never felt "medical" because our mw was there the whole time, and I know she would have advocated for me should the circumstances have required.  I felt like it was perfect for me -- the support and guidance of a midwife, and the quiet "just in case" security of a hospital setting for my DH....


I would absolutely do it this way again.


I should also mention that I did the majority of labour at home...our m/w came to our house to check me....


a peaceful, wonderful birth in a hospital *IS* possible!

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I am hoping for a home birth this time, with a HB MW.  Things are tricky in NC, very few CNMs practice in the HB community, and CPMs are not licensed here.  I do feel fortunate that my area is friendly to home birthers anyway, and in case of transfer my MW would be welcome as an assistant.

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DD was born at home and we will be having a homebirth this time around as well.

We had insurance through DH's job last time and went through a lot of rigamarrow to get it covered out of network.

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