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thentherewere4 - THANK YOU. These are the stories I need to hear. Most my friends who have planned hospital births have either A) had a bad experience/had unnecessary interventions or B) not made it in time (but none of them have gone to the practice & hospital I'm planning on)

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HopefulJo- I really really wanted a homebirth when I was pregnant last time.... DH was totally NOT comfortable with the idea.  He consented to interviewing a HB MW just to see what she would say and basically prove to me that HB is not a good idea.  Well, when we left the interview, he was insistent that he prefered a hb.  the MW was able to answer all of his concerns.... Maybe that would work for you?  :)

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Just to add a different perspective to the discussion!  We were also in the same situation with me wanting a HB and DP being against it.  But in the end, t he opposite happened;  I changed my mind!  

We went to the HB info session our midwifery group held and talked with some couples.  By the end, I was still wanting one, and DP was more open to the idea. Not quite100%, but I knew he just needed time.

Then, just to be fair to him, I agreed to visit the birth center at the hospital our midwife used.  And I LOVED IT!

It was warm, cozy, the staff was super nice and friendly.  I loved the idea that they did everything for you including bringing you food on request!!! (Turns out I barely at the time I was there, but whatever!!) There were nice big tubs, bright rooms,comfy couches for family, big window overlooking a wooded area...you get the point.  And a closet full of different sized balls and pillows to use for labor.

I was really upset last pregnancy that I didn't "get in" with a midwife from that practice, but then I lost the pregnancy, and this time around, I'm in! DP says he's more open to a HB this time around, but I'm actually looking forward to going back to the birth centre!

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I would definitely recommend insisting that DH go to a Q&A session with HB midwives before any decisions are made either way.  Mine was like "no way" when I mentioned it with our first (I was about 38 weeks pregnant though!).  With our second he was wary but open to the idea, and we ended up going with it.  Well, he loved it so much he recommends it to everyone and never wants to do it any other way again (barring complications, obviously).  He was so much more involved in the HB.  So you definitely need to at least do the initial visit and ask all your questions!

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for partners on the fence about HB - "The Business of Being Born" helped us and menu friends. Netflix has it.


I think we will UC again :)

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Nice to see so many homebirth mama's here!


I'm planning for another home waterbirth. My first birth experience was a very peaceful hospital birth. We had planned a home birth but for a few reasons we decided to have a hospital birth at the last minute (prolonged rupture of membranes). My second birth was a lovely precipitous home water birth. I need to remember to buy a new pool this summer because they are impossible to find in march!

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We'll be in our hospital with one of the midwives from our clinic. My goal last time was to go med-free, and since I slept through many hours of labor before my water broke, that happened for awhile. After my water broke everything went from 0-60 mph, and I couldn't cope without meds. I ended up in the bathtub with an iv drip of fentanyl for many hours, and I was fine with this. In hindsight, I think I needed to be more active in helping my cervix open. So, I'm good with the same setting and care as last time, but hoping I can make different choices to cope with the pain.

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This birth will be at home with a homebirth midwife. :)  I am super excited about it. 


I was planning to have a birthcenter (attached to a hospital) birth with the mw who delivered dd2, but she left that practice and the practice has since gone to a different model where you rotate your prenatal visits among 5 different midwives and are delivered by the one on call that day/night.  I DON'T like that idea at all, I want to have a RELATIONSHIP with the person sharing one of the most intimate experiences of a my life... (maybe I'm weird).  There are no hospitals who do that around here anymore (sad), so when I found out about it, off to interview homebirth midwives I went. 


I found a wonderful woman who stood up to my DH's intense questioning and was able to put his mind at ease, changing his walking-in attitude (which was, "we are just doing this so that we can finally cross it off the list of options") to "This is definitely the route I want us to take for this birth and this is THE woman to help us!" while leaving!!!! :D  My midwife is actually training to become an OB so she can open a free-standing birth center (there are none around here!!!), so she has a good relationship with a local doctor and has warmed his heart to homebirth, so I have an OB to see should things go wrong somewhere along the road. 


Happy with my choice!

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I'm not sure yet, I live in a very natural-friendly city, and I'm hoping when I meet with my OB she'll have some compromises available. I will have to have a hospital birth, with probably a fair amount of medical intervention, because of my underlying cardiac condition. Last time around I had a completely natural birth, no drugs, in the hospital- but it was a very quick delivery, and the sudden hemodynamic shifts of a hard and fast labor were more than my heart could handle. If it weren't for that, I would have a home birth. I think I just have to be prepared with my ideal scenario and a willingness to let that go if my health doesn't allow it.

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as of today, officially HB!  Hopefully water birth :) Our first MW appointment isn't till 13 weeks and I will stay with my OB until then and also do my 20 wk ultrasound with my OB.  I love my OB, but just talking things through with my MW of the possibility of her being in a doula role, there's so many things I don't like that going into it HB is right for us. 

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We'll be birthing in the hospital, with the support of a doula.


I'd prefer a home birth, but our insurance will only pay for a hospital birth, plus I'm a first time mom, 37, obese, and have pre-existing high blood pressure.  Our local hospital is one of only 3 in the state that has "Baby Friendly" WHO certification, so that's a plus.


If all goes well with this baby, we'll more deeply consider a HB for our subsequent children.

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Peace+Hope Where in NC are you?

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Originally Posted by mpvelaz View Post

Peace+Hope Where in NC are you?

I'm in NC and I'm going to guess she's not in the Piedmont... probably the mountains... I could be wrong, though! :) But the central part of the state is definitely NOT homebirth friendly right now...

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I'm waiting to find our my options.  I was planning a homebirth last time around and ended up with a c-section.  Since my son was born I have a cone biopsy to treat cervical dysplasia.  In my initial call to the midwifery practice the receptionist had checked with one of the midwives about whether I'd be considered high risk due to the previous CS and the cone, and the only response back was that it might make me a poor candidate for a VBAC.  I'm pretty sure this isn't the case and when I meet with the midwives in person and they have access to my file, I think I'll have a decent chance at a VBAC.  Whether they'll be comfortable with me trying a HBAC remains to be seen.  I live less than 2 km from the hospital.  I'm hoping that they'll let me attempt an HBAC, but I'm not entirely optimistic that they will.

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mpvelaz, I'm in Asheville.  Are you in this area?

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I'm in Chapel Hill, and the homebirth options aren't great here right now. Theres a good chance I will go to the birth center, I just dont feel at peace with that yet.

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We will be having a homebirth this time and hopefully a waterbirth. We live 50 minutes from a birthing hospital (we have a hospital about 20 mins away but there is no labor and delivery) and 40 mins from a birth center. I don't want to be in the car laboring for that amount of time.


My first was in a hospital induced at 36 weeks due to PIH and it was not the expierence we had hoped for lots of interventions.


Second was in a hospital ins. changed 2 days before and we had to use the hospital and not the birth center. It was a natural and intervention free birth no iv I was left alone it was quick and I was ready to leave as soon as baby was born. But had to stay overnight but left the next morning pretty quickly. I am looking forward to birthing at home not having to pack up and leave and that the olders can be around and involved.

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Most likely a hospital for us, but reputation here in the area is great for this hospital as a NCB hospital. And amazingly nurses are versed or at least understand hypnobabies. My doula also said the nurses there are typically very much on a first name basis with local midwives and doula's and stay pretty hands off as much as possible. 


Waterbirth possible at this hospital as well, and you can bring your own birthing tub (so we'll still buy a birth kit even if we aren't at home)

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planning our 2nd home birth. I do think a lot about UC. One of the main reasons I want a home birth midwife present is to sew me up if needed, so I can stay home with babe and not go to a hospital. I had a 2nd degree tear last time. healed great. we have 2 hb midwives in our town. we worked with one last time and switching to the other this time. I do like having the support afterwards and having dedicated women around for the birth. My husband was very involved last time. This time we are fighting and in strife quite a bit so I don't want to lean on his support too much. fencing.gif


i may ask a few very close women friends to be around this time as well. i would love the feeling of being supported and held. With the first birth I wanted a lot of privacy and seclusion around the birth. I feel this time ready to open up and be vulnerable with friends especially. I have 3 close friends all preg right now with #2.grouphug.gif

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I will be having a hospital birth most likely with a repeat c section.  I have had 3 so far...my first was an emergency, my second I could have vbac but my doctor suggested I have a c section because it would be easier (wish I never would have listened to her!), and my last one I was planning on vbac but then we found out my son had a cleft lip and palate and my mind got wrapped around that so I just had another c secetion.  I would love to vbac this time, but I jsut moved to a rural area and not too sure I trust the doctors as much.  But I will see what happens as I am still early in my pregnancy shy.gif

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