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welcome to Mothering.com and congrats of the new pregnancy!

sounds like you are asking yourself good questions and im sure once you filter thru all the ups and downs of responses here you will figure out what works for you. we are a emotional and vocal crowd and opinions are not in any short supply, we do mean well.


you mentioned military life and birthing at a MTF, i wanted to invite you over to the Military Family Life Group, even if your family is out now, we havea great group of ladies that have all seen the ups and downs  that military and tricare adds to all the other issues of motherhood.

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I hope I did not create a problem with my response. I was just trying to be supportive and reasuring that although doctors consider me high risk after an issue with my 2nd child that I have had a few normal births and with research i will be as prepared as I can be. Like others have said UC is high risk  according to doctors so there needs to be a lot of self refelction and education when there is known issues that could present a problem.

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After reading some of your replies, I guess I need to add some things.


The MW I talked to for this pregnancy has not said yes/no to me until I talk to my Urologist.  I was supposed to have an appt today but insurance stupid stuff made the Uro office cancel it.  I am not too pleased with the office staff.  


As I said, I am "high-risk" only because of my history of kidney stones.  That was with DD's pregnancy and she is almost 7yrs old.  I do have my kidney stones controlled as long as I take my medicine.  I did miss a dose last week because my medicine disappeared. No one in my house messes with my medicines and ESPECIALLY my kidney stone one because they know what it means.  My guess is my mom stole it (long story) so I would miss a dose and have to ask her for help.  


I am not "high-risk" now or in the future unless someone says so.  I do not consider myself high-risk just because of previous history of making/passing stones.  At this time in DD's pregnancy (10-13 weeks) I was in the ER 6 times and admitted twice for pain management.  I have had some minor pain because of the stones that are currently in there (many little ones in both kidney's) but NOTHING like I had before.  Kidney stones in and of themselves do not make a woman high risk.  Only when they cause issues does it put the woman to a higher risk.


For those who asked about giving birth UC.  I came VERY close to not being in the hospital with DD.  If I had waited 5 mins later to leave (I drove myself at 7cm to the hospital), I would have given birth alone at my house.  I am not afraid of that. 


The complications of having kidney stones?  Pain.  If they cause too much pain they can cause PTL and/or pre-term delivery.  There might an attack during labor/delivery but I already did that during DD's.  They wouldn't do anything for my anyways.


I do not go into this lightly.  I did my research of UC before I even had DS (13yrs ago) because I read Laura Shanley's book while pg with him.  I even did a UP with him until I had complications of SEVERE abdominal pain at 20-something weeks.  I was admitted to a room and they finally said that my uterus was trying to grow but my awesome abs wouldn't let it.


I will be monitored by someone.  I am not secure enough to do a UP yet.  I just haven't quite decided whether to stay with my natural birth OB 1hr away or go with some person in town that may be Epi/C/S happy.  I think I will ask my chiro who she had.  My doc (DO) said I NEEDED to give birth in a hospital with an OB just in case!  It was weird hearing his view on childbirth with him being so natural.


Oh and I am a bit scared (not in a bad way) that I will not have time to get to a hospital (birth center if I stay with far away OB)  because of how fast DD was when I finally figured out I was in labor.  DH works an hour away and I really don't feel comfortable with any of my neighbors/acquaintances yet (moved a yr ago) and have them drive me to the hospital or birth center (hr away).  If I go into labor when DH is at work, he may not make it in time for this birth.  He made it 35mins before DD's and he was only 15mins away that time.  I may have a UC just because I don't have time or help!


Thank you for everyone's input, suggestions, and advice.  

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