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Life on a farm in a camper....

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My husband and I live in a camper on a 50 acre farm we bought last winter in the area we grew up...rural SC.  I had a difficult year selling the house up in MD while my hubby took a job 80 miles away to do what he always wanted to do but it never paid enough money to support a family of 5.


When I sold the home we bought a new camper and with a lot of trouble finally got to move on our property.  We moved from a large home in MD to this small camper(has a large living area), one bedroom.  Our kitchen is my problem.  I never have room to cook properly or have the tools.  We have been in it now for a year.  We are started to think of building, but, still havent done so...maybe next year.


I found myself bored during the winter but as soon as it got warmer, I am taming this wild land that hadnt been touched by human hands for many years.  Taking it one step at a time here.  We now have a beautiful garden full of vegs and a few flowers.  My life has changed so much.  Hubby has now fully retired and we are enjoying taking one day at a time.  We both have good health.


I have found during this year how unimportant having stuff is?  I love my life here without the stress of a full time job in real estate.  If it were not for special occasions, and no room to cook, I'd live in this for the rest of my life.  I was thinking it would be nice to touch bases with others that feel this way.  This is not a forced way of living, rather by choice...Grandmom ruby

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I feel the same as you really. If it wasn't so damn hard to cook a decent meal and have company over I maybe could do this FOREVER! I love having my family close to me.

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That is my biggest worry the cooking.
I would to have my Rv on a small farm
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I had a great kitchen in my last trailer.  Before that horrible. 


I haven't found it to be very difficult in a nice kitchen to do the whole food thing, but I like the idea of outdoor cooking, grilling and also I make a lot of foods in the blender and eat lots of salads.

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My last trailer was awful! This one is much better. It has a full size sink and fridge plus I removed a few things to make space for a pantry and small deep freezer that doubles as extra counter space. It's much easier and nicer now to cook a real meal for my family of 5. Still I find it easier to batch and freezer cook in the evenings when no one is walking around.
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A kitchen table. That's the only thing I ever miss in the camper. I think we're going to remodel it.

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